The Case-demic

Have you noticed the new uniform languaging in all the media articles across the world starting about six weeks ago in regards to covid?

They never talk about the death rate percentage anymore .. because it continues to go down into the decimal level.

They don’t talk about the symptomatic percentage of illness anymore because it continues to go down.

They don’t talk about the length of time, or severity, of the symptoms anymore because it continues to decrease.

Now suddenly every article around the world, each day, is about the number of ‘cases’

‘The number of new coronavirus cases continues to surge upwards‘

In the new case-demic, the media has now given us their long predicted “second wave” happening at the end of October.

After this we’re told will come the “Dark Winter”

Then what? The Sucky Spring ?

I mean give me a break.

This is what I call the theatre of the absurd.

When you test more people for a virus more people will test positive for the virus. Is it that that hard to understand?

Our bodies contain trillions of viruses.

The WHO estimates 3.7 billion people under the age of fifty have the herpes virus. Yes, I said billion. Most have never experienced any symptoms at all.

The real question is what percentage of people who test positive for covid are experiencing adverse symptoms .. and for how long?

And most importantly, what percentage of people die.. and at what age?

It’s extremely difficult to even find this essential information.

Google buries it.

Social media routinely bans or censors posts with data from the CDC itself.

The corporate conglomerate media doesn’t even mention the death rate anymore. They apparently don’t want anyone to know it.

According to a recent interview on Oct. 20th with Dr. Scott Atlas of Stanford University, who is a senior advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force, he said and I quote:

“The fatality rate for people under 70 is now 0.05%”
… And dropping by the day.

Shhh.. don’t tell anyone.

And according to the CDC 94% of that 0.05% had preexisting comorbidities.

So the amount of completely healthy people under seventy who died from covid is a number too infinitesimally small for me to calculate. Let’s just say it’s incredibly close to zero.

Yayy good news! But don’t tell anyone.

Meanwhile, the ongoing lockdowns and mandates have already destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world with increases in depression, anxiety, loneliness, stress, suicide, poverty, homelessness, starvation, malnourishment, crime, murder, riots, looting, police brutality, mental illness, domestic abuse, child abuse, divorces, prostitution, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, people dying alone, mothers and babies wearing masks at birth, small business closures, breakdowns in communities, education, churches, mosques, synagogues etc.

I know this not only statistically, but also directly, as I’m the one working with a lot of these people.. and connected to people internationally.

The worlds poorest people, especially in places like Africa, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, have been hurt the most by the lockdowns and mandates. Bare in mind, half the eight billion people on planet earth lives on several dollars a day or less and they don’t have savings accounts. How are they supposed to continue to even survive let alone thrive?
(Episode #196 of my podcast ‘The Effects of the Lockdown in Ghana’ goes in to more detail on this. )

Meanwhile the wealthiest 1/10 of one percent on the planet (who own the media and, of course, want people’s attention in front of screens all day) have greatly increased their wealth and expanded their control even further directly because of the lockdowns and mandates.

When you observe the media with a critical eye, you see it for what it really is and you don’t fall for their perpetual fear baiting.

Newspapers are good for starting fires when you go camping.

Your best chance to stay healthy is to live in an open hearted state of love, freedom and truth within. It’s to recognize the miracle of life that’s always here and now.

Wishing you health, love & prosperity!

– Brian Piergrossi

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