The Future Billionaire

A man messages me on Facebook and says he wants to talk to me about coaching, He gives me his phone number. I quickly look over his Facebook profile which states that he is a billionaire and a life coach.

I text him and inform of my rates should he want to move forward with me as a client.

He replies in a state of pure outrage. He tells me there is no way he can afford my services. He says is homeless. He just suffered an ashtma attack and was ambulanced to a hospital last night. He says talking to someone is not going to change anything and that he is, and I quote, “in deep shit”.

Things are often not what they appear on social media.

I express empathy for his difficult circumstances and I ask “What do you feel would most benefit you right now?

He responds: “Rest for 3 days 23/7 but I have no place to go except my van and the loneliness is unbearable… and its extremely difficult for me to sleep feeling so lonely. Now I need some care and love. I am beyond the need for money now….”

In case you’re not aware, I will tell you definitely the number one root cause of death, disease and illness in America is the national epidemic of loneliness. People are dying because they feel so disconnected and cut off from the world and the people around them.

He says where he is located in the Philadelphia area strangers are so close-hearted to him. “I yelled for help yesterday for someone to plug in my nebulizer. I got that. But to yell out to a stranger I need a hug and a place to rest I wouldn’t do it! I would die first and indeed I am. Asthma can be very fatal.”

People are so close-hearted is not true and it’s a disempowering story.

Now listen close because this is when the turning point comes in each of our lives.
There is only one way to start receiving love and that is to start giving the very love we want to receive.
Here is the empowering realization: We can not make anyone love us but no one make us stop loving them.

Secondly, how are we supposed to receive something if we don’t have the courage and vulnerability to ask for it?

I passionately transmit these truths to him and I tell him: “It’s time to start doing it. Keep doing it! Even if some are not loving… keep doing it!!

He rights back in a few hours: “Well sir your words were effective!! A fellow parked next to me. I told him my predicament that I just got out of the hospital and needed a place to rest. I almost cried. He took a picture of my flyer and said he would see what he can do.”
You touched something in me. You gave me the strength to do it! I am grateful! I used to have dreams of being a billionaire. Perhaps I can get my mojo back!!

“Yes!” I said “You’re mojo is coming back!”

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