The Immense Value of Forgiveness – Brian Piergrossi

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The Immense Value of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an essential component on the spiritual path. The true reason however, is often misunderstood.

Many people don’t want to forgive because they feel the individual in question “does not deserve forgiveness”. It is felt that what the person did was too reprehensible and heinous to deserve forgiveness. They were hurt too deeply.

Forgiveness actually has nothing to do with the other person at all. Who they are and what they did is largely irrelevant. It has to do with you, your own inner freedom and desire to move forward in your life.

When someone does something toward you in the past that you didn’t feel was right, who carries the anger toward that person? You do.

Who carries the hatred toward that person? You do.

Who carries the negative feelings toward that person? You do.

If you forgive that person, who lets go of that anger? You do.

Who lets go of that hatred? You do.

Who lets go of those negative feelings? You do.

When we continue to hold grudges against others for previous offenses, the person we are really hurting is ourselves. It is a weight we are carrying in our own minds and hearts. Why would you want to give another person that kind of power over you?

Forgiveness creates the space to free ourselves of these old burdens and see life fresh and anew.

There is one person in particular I would like you to start to forgive. You may know their name. This is a person who you have probably verbally abused, and even physically abused, far too much in your life. Once you forgive this person, it will be much easier to forgive and love others once you start by forgiving this person. That person is yourself.

The road to freedom, inner peace and boundless love and empowerment  lies in forgiveness

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-Brian Satori Piergrossi
July 22, 2016, West Asheville NC


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  1. Did you make a quote saying: “The purpose of a relationship is not to make you happy. It’s to make you conscious, to wake you up more and more fully to the essence of who you truly are, and to express it in this world.” I jotted it down on a scrap of paper and do not know where I got it from, but would like to share it with my daughter, who is going through a divorce. One reason she said she is “done” with marriage is she is “not happy” with her husband anymore.

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