The Journey of Fatherhood

Being a father, though challenging at times, has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have learned so much watching my son develop and supporting him through the various portals and rites of passage in his life’s journey.

About a year and half ago something was gnawing at my gut. After some soul searching, I realized I wasn’t being physically present in his life as much as I was being called to be in his last years of high school.

I made some tough decisions. I rearranged my lifestyle away from more personal superficial pleasures and more toward a deeper purpose and responsibility of fatherhood and service to the world.

I taught my son how to drive. He passed his drivers test and received his drivers license last month. His received his first car this week.

I helped him through his college application process and visited multiple schools with him throughout the past year. I am happy to announce he has chosen to attend Penn State University main campus where he will major in biomedical engineering.

I regularly took him to the gym and taught him to care for his body. He’s now surpassed me in his physical prowess..

I took many long walks with him and had many powerful discussions on everything from girls to religion to politics to racism to music to the purpose and meaning of life. His depth and self-reflection astounds me.

This past week we took a wonderful 6 day father/ son road trip. Perhaps one of the last father/son trips we will take together as he turns 18 in a few weeks.

We visited Niagara Falls together, toured the Toronto Canada area together, visited Penn State University together before sharing an Easter family dinner together with my parents and family.

I am so glad I listened to the call to make fatherhood a priority in my life. My son Gio has inspired and amazed me in so many ways on his journey from birth to almost 18. I’ve always said to you all he is my greatest spiritual teacher. I am also happy to say he is also one of the best friends I’ve ever had.
I love you son! You’re doing great!

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