The Jubilant Airplane

A few years ago I was sleeping on the plane to Santorini. I hear the pilot say: “Ladies and gentlemen we are entering an area of jubilance.” I wake up really excited. What’s going to happen? I’ve never heard a pilot say we are moving through an area of jubilance before!? And the clouds do look extra puffy and bright white! 😄
What are we going to do? Are we all going to get up on the plane and dance together? Are we going to sing together? Are we going to meditate together in perfect communion ? Have ecstatic group sex together? Pray together? Cuddle together? Have a picnic and fiesta together? Have a massage circle where the pilot is first ? Or are we just going to sit here and look at each other!? What is an “area of jubilance” ?
I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen on this plane ..and then I realize he actually said with a thick accent : “Ladies and gentleman we are entering an area of turbulence?” … And I fall back asleep. •

Any area has the potential to become an ‘area of jubilance’ when we can be deeply present in this simple moment.

The flower popping up through the crack in the sidewalk.
The angle of the late day sun as it shimmers off the leaves of the oak tree in the twilight.

The full moon rising up over the quiet roof tops.

Take a deep breath. Look around you. Pay close attention. We are entering an area of jubilance.
– Brian Piergrossi

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