The Mayan Boy with the Broken Watch

Follow love until you realize the love is inside you. Then go wherever you want. – Bran Piergrossi

The date is Oct.15, 2016, Somewhere where outside Tulum Mexico…

We see a small young Mayan boy on the side of the road waving his arm. I stop and attempt to talk to him in my very limited Spanish. I ask him if he needs help.
He smiles. His face is luminous. He has the Big Glow inside him. In his eyes shines the deep tranquility of both the sun and the moon. He’s only carrying one possession. A small dirty antique watch in his hand that doesn’t work. Upon reflection I realize this symbolic metaphor is not by mistake. For him, there is no time. In Spanish, he asks for a ride down the road.. and the adventure begins …

After about 10 minutes he tells us to turn off on to a bumpy dirt road entering into the heart of the jungle. There is a clear energy shift now. We have now entered a different world that transcends the linear and the rational, a land of greater magic and intuitive, mystical dreams. The boy sits in the back seat and smiles luminously as he directs us. Where is he taking us???
Turn left here. Turn right there. We pass a small village of thatched roof dwellings. All eyes stare at us. “That’s not it. Keep going!” He says. “Keep going.”

We attempt to learn more.
“Do you have a big family?” We ask. “Poco” He says. “My family is small. I live with eight brothers and sisters and 7 cousins.”

“Turn right here.” He says. We continue for a few moments. “Stop here. This is where I live.” He says with a radiant serene smile.

We stop the car in the middle of nowhere with nothing around but wild majestic jungle as far as the eye can see. He gets out of the car holding the watch that doesn’t tell time.

“Muchos Gracias” he says with a loving smile and slowly walks down the small dirt road disappearing into the afternoon.

I sit for a moment, take a deep breath and reflect on the Mayan boy with the broken watch. It’s then I realize exactly where he was taking us. His job was to take us deeper into the timeless jungle that lies inside us all.. 

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Oct. 18 2016
West Lawn PA, USA…


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