Today is the Perfect Day to Read This

You are realizing who we really are beyond the limiting conception of the mind
And, good news, now it’s clear all things are possible.

You are becoming self-aware of the old codes from which the old conditioned human programs run and through present moment awareness are now starting to consciously write your own.

You are a miracle.
You live in a world of synchronicity and synergized magic.

You are an unlimited power plant here to emanate love, beauty, peace, inspiration and the highest forms of excellence. You are no longer waiting for any external circumstance to do it for you and you are no longer waiting for a future.

The Aborigines call life “the dreamtime”
The world is as we dream it while the infinite ground of BEing remains timelessly the same.

Today is the perfect day to read this.

– Brian Piergrossi

The 8 Levels of Engagement

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