My Top Ten Tips for Physical Wellness – Brian Piergrossi

My Top Ten Tips for Optimum Physical Wellness – Brian Piergrossi

I will be 44 years old next week.  As I reflect today I notice that I am as physically fit today as any time in my entire life.. and in many ways more so. This has come though great dedication in some keys areas I will share with you.

I am not exactly sure what a 44 year old should do, or look like, or feel like it. I do sometimes think, and am told by others, that I am not acting my age… like why do I use so many emojis when I write? 🙂 Maybe one day I will care a little more what about what other people think, but these days I generally find thoughts, whether they are my own or someone else, as something more to laugh at than take seriously. In fact, it’s so essential not to take ourselves too seriously, or deem ourselves too important if we want to feel vital, inspired, and alive. It’s so essential, no matter how much knowledge we gain, or how many experiences we have under our belt, that we maintain a child-like innocence. May we carry a timeless sense of wonder at the mysterious surprises each moment brings and may we light-heartedly laugh at our crazy self-destructive thoughts that are part of the passing dream of being human.

My daily intention for myself, and others I mentor, is to create a holistic, integral practice for a body that is intelligent, receptive, fluid, inspired, beautiful and strong, as an open clear channel for the intelligence of Source to move through every cell of our being each and every moment.

Without further adieu, based on my own personal experience, Here are my top ten tips for optimal physical wellness.

1 Body Intelligence & Breathing Deeply

Just as we have mental intelligence and emotional intelligence, a very important, often overlooked aspect of our intelligence is our kinesthetic intelligence. Having an inspired body must begin with a body that is aware of itself and intelligent in relation to all its parts as well as other bodies and the outside world … and creating practices to support kinesthetic intelligence. This includes being aware of our breath. When we are breathing deeply the life force can move freely through us. When our breath is shallow and short our bodies and minds are cut off from the vitality and lifeforce that surrounds us.

2 Physical Exercise

These bodies are designed to move. The incredible benefits of exercise are endless. Exercise increases energy, sexual libido, strengthens immune system, reduces stress, quiets the mind, releases endorphins ..builds strength, endurance, self-confidence, discipline …and on and it goes..

3) Rest and Relaxation

This is an important and yet often overlooked aspect of physical wellness. If you are noticing you are not feeling well physically one of the first questions to ask yourself is am I getting enough rest and relaxation? How much sleep am I getting? What is the quality of sleep I am getting ? Rest and relaxation is a key component to optimal restoration and rejuvenation

4) Diet

The quality of the food, the type of food, the amount of love, or lack there of, that is put into the food, and your level of presence when eating and digesting the food all contributes to your optimal wellness. This also includes drinking lots and lots of clean water.

5) Sexual energy and Tantra

Sexual energy is the creative life force of the universe that births everything from human beings, to poems, to songs, to amoebas into existence… and it birthed you into existence!  Discover how to connect with this life force .. and you become ‘turned on’ to life itself

6) Physical Touch

If a baby is born and does not receive physical touch it will die.. As adults, many of us are dying inside and a lack of healthy loving human touch is the reason why. Physical touch is a key component to physical wellness.

7) Dance and Movement

Dance therapist Michele Iemolo coined the term Universal Rhythmic Intelligence to articulate the fact that there is a natural rhythm, or vibration, that is alive in each and every moment in the universe. As human beings we can can dance and move in the flow with this rhythmic intelligence, this vibrational frequency in each moment of our lives and create practices to support us in doing so.. so that we move through life in body, mind and spirit with greater ease, grace and elegance as if life itself is music (because it is) .

8) Connection with Nature

Why is connection with nature important? Because we ARE nature and our bodies and senses are tuned to natural rhythms. The sights and sounds, the smells and feel of the natural world restore and inspire our bodies and minds in a way that nothing else can.

9) Expression

Suppression and repression of any emotion or thought over an extended period of time causes dis-ease. Through authentic conscious communication with others, artistic expression: art, music, writing, singing .. and other practices of emotional release of old energy patterns, we keep our bodies healthy and alive, at peace and impassioned to the creative flow of the moment.

10) Reset Button / The Zero Point / Meditation

When a computer is malfunctioning often times simply shutting it off and turning back on to restart it solves the problem and brings a fresh start. Our bodies and minds need the reset button sometimes too and a way for us to delve deep into the space within us of eternal innocence where nothing ever happened, to restore the body to a place of optimal wellness requires practices and opportunities on an ongoing basis to welcome what I call the “zero point” into BEing.

And I am going to add one more. We’re going to end right where we started..

11) Laughter

Laugh a little more! It burns calories and is a great ab work out. 🙂


Brian Piergrossi is a life coach, author, blogger / vlogger, facilitator of empowerment, love, inner peace and freedom.
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