Transitioning Through Divorce- 10 Week Life Coaching Program w/Brian Piergrossi

wild-flowersTransitioning Through Divorce (or Long-Term Relationship)

Is the latest 10 week spiritual life coaching program with Brian Piergrossi via telephone or Skype for international clients

One of the biggest transitions one can make in their life is in their most intimate relationship. Although challenging, scary, and sometimes confusing, this transition can be successfully moved through. Spiritual support and clarity is invaluable in this process.

This is a 10 week spiritual life coaching program specifically focused on those on a spiritual path transitioning through divorce (or long-term relationship) creating a healthy relationship with the new emerging you, your former partner, your children, your extended family, and partner of the future.

The program consists of 10, one-on-one sessions of self-inquiry, meditation, and even some humor, with life coach, spiritual teacher and author, Brian Piergrossi, via telephone (or skype for international clients) once a week from the comfort of your home

Weekly sessions are generally 60 minutes in length, at a time of your convenience, as well as secondary support through email and website between sessions.

Between sessions, you will be supported in taking practical steps to move through this transition with grace.

This is a holistic approach: navigating yourself, week to week, to create the life of your dreams, for you and your family, in alignment with the deepest truths, passions, meaning and purpose within your heart.

All sessions are confidential.

Rates, and specific sessions, are tailored on an individual basis with the intent to be affordable to all individuals.

Contact Brian to schedule a free 15 min orientation to answer how this program can be tailored for you:

919 373 4364

Please review the testimonial page to view how Brian’s life coaching programs have made a positive impact on the lives of previous participants.

Note: This program does not include legal advice.

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