(Travel Blog #2-#6) Reflections from Italy Retreat / Europe

Hello Community! Here is my travel blog for the past week. I was able to get some beautiful pictures in this week, For the full array of pictures and videos from the past week check me out on Facebook or Instagram.

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The Splendor of Italy (Travel blog #3)

We are here in Italy now preparing for our one week retreat on Lake Maggiore.
The only retreat I’ve ever done that was longer was an 8 day retreat in England several years ago co-facilitated with Thessa Sophia and Fleur Inanna
I have a bit of a sore throat so trying to rest up a bit.
There’s a powerful synergy I feel in coming together with Annie, and our unified vibrational field, as ‘partners in shine’ that’s going to create a greater global impact around the world in the coming years.
She’s the yoga teacher, photographer / videographer.
Me the teacher/ life coach/ speaker/ writer.
There’s a powerful masculine/feminine polarity in our space holding that feels palpable and healing.
Anna van Heukelom is our host here in Italy. I feel a powerful connection with her and this property as well. She gets the essence of what I’m sharing, has been deeply inspired by it, and wants to share the transformation that has happened in her with others from the pure love in her heart.
We are already putting the wheels in motion for a 14 day retreat here next year!
This property is absolutely stunning!
I know we’ve been throwing around a lot of superlatives lately but of the amazing places I’ve done retreats around the world (and I’ve led over one hundred retreats) I must say this is the most beautiful place I’ve ever done a retreat.
We would love to share this beautiful space in retreat with you in the future.
I will give you a video tour later in the week but photos and pictures don’t do it justice.
You need to smell it, taste it, feel its textures, it’s sunsets, it gentle breeze on your back.
There is profound beauty in every direction.
To walk the beautiful gardens below the house and above the lake at sunset is to feel as though you are walking in heaven.
To be in a space where the nervous system can so fully relax and the beauty can so deeply inspire is where the magic and miracles inside can more easily come to the surface. This is the place where profound openings to deep portals of self realization can effortlessly come into being.
Tomorrow we begin!


Travel Blog #4 In the Stillness

Its Day One of our Italy Retreat. To start the day in our morning meditation participates are free to sit anywhere they want on the property. This is the beautiful spot that Annie chose today.
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Travel Blog #4 The Lake that Heals

Powerful Day 2 of our 7 day Peace and Passion Retreat here in Italy. Lots of beautiful shifts and openings happening in the participants today.

I’ve begin releasing video clips from my morning and evening sessions you can find on Facebook, Youtube, or IGTV.

This lake we are on is such an inspiration to us. Every few hours it reinvents itself into some new form of magic.

Such a blessing! Such a teacher!
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Travel Blog #5 Embracing the Wow

In between taking photos of this incredibly stunning location all day I’m actually running a retreat! 😂lol
In day 3 the group is really starting to come together in magical ways. Powerful, yet sometimes difficult, breakthroughs are happening.

After feeling the group was a bit stuck in trying to merely intellectualize what I was pointing at, it now feels an experiential taste has emerged for each and every person.

Ecstatic dance breaks, mindfulness meditation walks, music, some poetry, yoga, and lots of humor, were the tools that brought these truths out of the head and into the nervous system and muscle memory of the body in the the last 36 hours.

When a group starts to step into the authentic essence of who they really are there’s a magical synergistic quality that emerges that’s impossible to describe … and all things become possible.
That quality is emerging here on day 3.
I imagine we will only go farther tomorrow.

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I’m so appreciating what’s unfolding at our 7 day Peace & Passion retreat here in Italy.

Here’s our upcoming travel schedule for the next 2 weeks:

Jun 30 – July 5th Venice Italy
July 5th – July 6th Instanbul Turkey
July 6th – 13th(Estimate) Egypt

Stay posted with my travel blog, photos, videos… in previous and future posts
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