Are You Turned On … to Life? ‘What is Tantra’ Podcast Series?

Are you turned on?

It was when I first realized the unified nature of all things that I sought to integrate all those places where we are still creating the illusion of separation and division.

The single greatest division I found, is the division between spiritual energy and sexual energy. This false division, perpetuated by all of the world’s major religions, has been a tremendous source of fear, shame, blame, guilt, violence, confusion, illness, disempowerment and suffering.

Fortunately, there is another pathway that recognizes spiritual and sexual energy as one. That recognizes the form and the formless as one and the same. That honors both the world of nonduality and the world of duality as part of one whole. That doesn’t try to cut off our senses and desires but honors them. That sees the divine in both the Spirit and the animal.
We sometimes call this path the path of ‘Tantra’.

After finishing hosting my nine part podcast series ‘What is Tantra?’ I would say I am less interested in the act of sex than at any point in my entire life.  I would also say I am more turned on by the entire universe than at any time in my entire life.

I’m turned on by clouds, and bumblebees, and flowers, and music, and mountains, and rain, and poetry, and palm trees, and thoughts and feelings. and desires and fears, and the primal and the ethereal, and dolphins, and coyotes.. and humans.. and yes sex too.

My intention is always to be unconditionally open, and available to the moment. Not to close off, or contract, to the moment, but to allow it to unconditionally energize and inspire my entire mind/body system… even if what is happening is painful, or beyond my limited understanding, or preference..

Then how do I channel this open energy?
Do I channel it into creating a retreat? A new workshop?  a poem? A stimulating conversation with a friend? A new podcast? A new book?  A new life? Making powerful love with my partner? Or sitting still in perfect silence?

The possibilities are endless. But this to me is the essential question:

Can you and I be a wide open and available channel for the creative lifeforce and vitality of however Spirit wants to use us to celebrate, support, and love life. moment by moment? 


That to me is what’s it’s all about .. and if we want we can call it “tantra” or whatever else we want to call it.

I am very proud of this podcast series.

I found every conversation to be raw, vulnerable, authentic, relaxed, and intimate.. as if no one else was listening. I found each conversation, and guest, to be filled with its own unique signature of wisdom and inspiration.
Thank you to all of my guests


I feel as though decades from now people will still be listening to these conversations..

Give them a listen if you haven’t yet, or a re-listen, as the case may be.


Where to find it? You can search ‘The Brian Piergrossi Podcast’ wherever you get your podcast: Apple Podcast, Soundcoud, Spotify, Stitcher. Google Play etc.

Please feel free to let me know other subjects, themes, or guests you’d like me to have in future episodes on the podcast in the comments. 

I view the podcast as a cocreation.


As I continue to move on to other themes, subjects and guests with my podcast, I am happy that the wisdom that came though this nine episode series remains.

It’s always ready and available and free whenever you the listener are ready and available to be freed.

Let’s see what happens next.

With love,
– Brian Piergrossi
02/12/2020 Koh Phangan, Thailand

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