Turning Our Attention

 So apparently Oscars TV ratings dropped by 60% from last year to their lowest ratings in history.I’ve heard similar reported gigantic drops in TV ratings the past couple months for cable news (CNN, MSNBC, FOX), across professional sports such as the NBA etc.

What’s happening? There’s a massive revolution happening without a shot being fired.

Hollywood Celebrities, Politicians, CEOs, Professional Athletes, Pop stars, Gurus.

We’re tired of all these people with their fake smiles, fake words and fake causes.

Anyone who’s been a part of serving, or propping up, this dying, centralized, top down, control grid of nonsense is no longer worthy of our attention.

Good bye ?

We’re awakening to a higher dimension of consciousness together. A decentralized, self organizing, intelligence system birthed from the unified field. And it’s way more fun!

We don’t hate these people, or wish them any harm, or animosity. We just literally don’t pay them any attention.

As John Mellencamp once said, “If you’re not a part of the future then get out of the way”

While every human being is worthy of unconditional love and forgiveness, these people will no longer be put on a pedestal. They will be seen as of the same Divine essence as everyone else.

Not only are these people no longer worthy of our worship and adulation, they are, generally speaking, so lost in egotism, narcissism, materialism, insecurity, confusion, generally miserable, out of alignment,  perpetuating so much suffering, that what they are most worthy  of is our deep compassion and empathy.

When they have the humility to sincerely ask for help we’ll be here to help them.

Now it’s less time staring like zombies into a TV that is literally programming us and more time staring into each other’s eyes around a mystical fire.

The most important thing we have is our attention. Where are we placing it?

We’re now turning our attention to each other! Seeing the unique beauty, the light, the infinite power that resides inside each of us.

Cocreating the world we envision of love, peace, freedom & empowerment.

-Brian Piergrossi

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