Unconditional Gratitude for the Burly Policeman

BE grateful for every experience.. most importantly this one.- Brian Piergrossi
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Unconditional Gratitude for the Burly Policeman

Being that it’s Thanksgiving weekend I felt I would share a story about unconditional gratitude that transcends the circumstances….

About a year ago today I was driving through the beautiful mountains of Tennessee today. I see flashing lights behind me and I get pulled over by a police car. A burly, serious looking policeman with a crew cut and deep Southern accent comes up to my window. He asks me if I knew I was going fifteen miles over the speed limit. I tell him I did not and I am sorry. He asks me for driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. I then realize my proof of insurance is out of date. He says I have to have that current and with me by law… I apologize for that too.

He seems perplexed by me… like he can’t understand why I seem so relaxed and peaceful…

He suddenly tells me to get out of the car and go sit in the back of the police car .. I say OK ..

Again he looks at me like he is confused as to why I seem so relaxed .. He’s a rational, serious guy and he seems to need to find a reason ..

He sits in the front of the police car .. and turns around and asks me if I have been smoking marijuana .. .. I tell him it’s not my thing .. He tells me he smells marijuana in my car .. He asks me if I put it in the car and wants to know where it is .. I say No.. .. He want to know if someone else put it in .. I say not that I know of ..

The interrogation goes on.. and on.. for about 5 minutes at least.. He’s convinced that I have marijuana in my car .. that he smells it .. that I am hiding it from him … and that I am stoned ..

Meanwhile I am finding this whole experience quite amazing and I have this strange sense of compassion and affection I feel for him .. He seems to try so hard to control everything around him… enforce the rules.. and make people safe.. I see how he means well in his own way.
He tells me is going to go and search my car for the marijuana and I need to wait in the back of the police car while he does .. I say OK … almost out of compassion for him .. like it will hopefully help to ease the mystery for him and bring him closer to the truth ..

He is gone for a long time as I sit in the back of the police vehicle .. wondering if he is going to put me in some Southern jail for the night like in the movies . or give me a citation for hundreds of dollars .. or take away my car .. or if some friend did leave marijuana in the car .. or what’s going to happen .

These thoughts occasionally arise but mostly my mind is silent and still …
It all seems so amazing ..
I’m somehow in this euphoric blissed out state of inner freedom and high on life amidst it all .. as I sit in the back of the police car on the side of the highway .. while this cop searches my vehicle for drugs .. …

it becomes even more clear as I sit in the police car that one’s state of inner peace is not dependent on the passing external circumstances … This is the great freedom and inner empowerment for all of humanity.

Whatever is going to happen when he returns.. or whatever he is going to say to me.. it all seems so temporary and fleeting .. like a passing dream .. amidst the timeless spiritual essence.. where nothing actually ever happens .. like a passing cloud in the infinite blue sky .. Police officers come and go but the love of God remains ..

He finally comes back . He tells me to get out of the car …. He looks at me for a moment even more perplexed now then ever and says .. “I smell it by the right rear bumper but I couldn’t find anything.. i am just going to give you a warning instead of a speeding ticket .. Please drive safely.”

Love of life is the greatest most natural high there is .. and no side effects .. but it may take up more time with serious policemen with crewcuts sometimes .. 🙂

I thanked him warmly and continued through the beautiful mountains… driving a little more slowly for a while 

Thank you for BEing…
Brian Satori Piergrossi
West Lawn PA, Nov 24 2016

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