The Most Valuable Time Each Day is Wasted

It’s only when we are deeply relaxed and present that we are available to connect with the higher power.
When we are in a state of stress, anxiety, worry, fear based separation, that communication is cut off from us.

The good news is there’s a psychic goldmine available to everyone.

During the most relaxed part of our day most of us are not utilizing the deeper guidance available to us.
Approximately one third of every day we spend sleeping.

What is happening while we sleep? Where do we go? What insights, guidances, truths, channelings are available to us each and every night? How do we notice and integrate them? What do your dreams mean? How do you lucid dream? How do we know we’re not dreaming right now?

Sleep, especially the window just before we fall asleep, and just as we are waking up, is a very potent gateway to receive clear messages and higher truths to integrate, if we know how to decipher the stories and symbols to lay bare the deeper messages.

So many of the worlds deepest epiphanies, most powerful channelings, and creative downloads have come through during the sleeping hours.

A few days ago I had a very powerful transmission conveyed to me. I’ll be sharing  in my private FB group ‘The Secret Glow’ and supporting you decode, channel, and integrate the messages that are coming through to you as well.
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