What is my Greatest Accomplishment?

What is my Greatest Accomplishment?

Traveling middle-America right now the thought arises “What have I accomplished in this lifetime?”
I’ve accomplished certain things and there will be more ahead. Yet I feel my greatest accomplishment is not an external accomplishment.

My greatest accomplishment, largely through traveling through so many diverse cultural environments and circumstances, over the years. Through continually traveling through America with its so-called “red states” and “blue states”, has been slowly learning to love everything, and everyone as a reflection of myself.

I really feel like there is a love here that’s present for everyone regardless of their skin color, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, gender, culture, body type, dietary habits, ideas or beliefs.
Behind these superficial differences there is an essence, in everything and everyone, that is the same. I love THAT!
Every new person is a divinely orchestrated new piece of ‘me’ to discover.

There are certainly behaviors, directed at myself or others, I don’t like at times. I do my best in these moments to be authentic and direct, compassionate and forgiving.
Its also true some people I resonate with more than others.

However, there is a love here that runs so much deeper than any personal preference. So much deeper than like or dislike.
I may choose chocolate over vanilla, yet I love that vanilla exists and others are preferring it.

When I’ve found someone that triggers me I always ask this most important question: “What is it in me this person exemplifies that has not been integrated in myself?”
I’ve always found something to integrate and end up grateful for their presence.

The only way to love everyone, and everywhere, is to fully, wholly and completely learn to love yourself, as you truly are. It is to be at peace within yourself.
If there’s anything I’m interested in teaching people, first and foremost, it’s that.

Brian Piergrossi

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