What Is the Third Way?

What is the Third Way?
Who are we and what are we progressing to? 

Flashback to around 2018. I’m a very progressive man choosing to live in a very progressive city and everything is aligned and great. That city is Asheville North Carolna

Since that time something very strange has happened. I still consider myself very progressive, in the sense that I’m a part of creating a more beautiful world. Yet not only do I no longer feel aligned with the city I live in, I feel increasingly repelled and utterly repulsed by it.

I would come to discover hundreds of other friends I know are having the exact same experience of disorientatoin in other progressive cities, states, around the world. Whether. its California or New York or Austin or Boulder or Portland or Seattle or Massachusetts etc.

What exactly is happening?

That central question inside me is really the central question behind the founding of this group..

As we continue to be very disoriented in this changing landscape both externally and internally. We began finding each other. Reaching out to each other. Sharing our stories and perspectives with each other and finding common ground

As I travel these days I can clearly say I feel much more relaxed and happy in the so-called “conservative”, red areas than the so-called “liberal”, blue, areas

The primary reasons for this are pretty simple. In the conservative areas people leave me alone. Theres an apprecation for individual liberty that doesnt exist in the progressive cities.

Secondly, the energy is way more relaxed, open and friendly in regards to vaccines, masks, social distancing etc.

In the progresseive cities there’s now a chronic energy of anxiety, worry, stress, anger, outrage and coercion of others, that simply isn’t sustainable for ones well-being.

However, though I appreciate being left alone, my sense is there isnt much resonance for deeper relationships  in the conservative areas. Ways of seeing the world, values, and vibrational frequency are actually quite different.

So the big question is who are we and where do I, and others like me, resonate?

My sense is we are not liberal or conservative as these words are currently defined.

My sense is we are a new evolutionary emergence in consciousness. A new integrated, higher order, resonance field thats still finding its grounding.

It’s emerging out of the progressive cities in America, and elsewhere, where it no longer resonates.

My sense is this new, higher order, consciousness is awakening, and wants to emerge, through us.

We currently have nowhere thats home geographically. No institutions. No media.

Who are we? Where do we go? How do we find each other. The full answer doesnt exist yet.

Yet something new is emerging in pockets. In online groups like this, and in person gatherings. In authentic conversations around late night bonfires and morning cups of tea.

Something new is emerging and it’s exciting.

Its not the totalitarian, technocratic, CCP style, control grid,  police state the so-called “progressives” are bringing into being

And its not going back to the 1950s America the conservatives want either.

Something new is emerging. What is it?

The answer is not an intellectual answer.

The only way to find out what it is is to find out experientially together, moment by moment.

By trial and error. By taking chances & learning from the challenges we face together.

One thing is clear. It’s rooted in the spiritual awakening to who really are.

Out of this comes a new, higher order politics, culture, society & relationship with the Earth.

Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

– Brian Piergrossi


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