Who Runs the World?

The new answer is a tiny handful of epidemiologists.
But it’s not them alone. They are, of course, funded by a huge investment agenda from the pharmaceutical / vaccine industry through the WHO & CDC.
In a few short months, this small group of people have hijacked planet earth.
Through the mainstream media channels they are conditioning the entire world nonstop to live in a world where everyone assumes the worst in each other.
Assume that every one you encounter will make you sick, and diseased, and will kill you, even if they appear, and feel, healthy and vibrant.
But that’s not all.
Continuously assume that you yourself are sick and diseased and will kill every single person you encounter, even if you feel healthy and vibrant.
Those who don’t make these assumptions are blamed, shamed, reported, their social media accounts are often censored or banned, fined, and in some cases arrested.
To think critically, and ask genuine questions about these assumptions, is considered being a bad citizen. Just follow along! Don’t you care about ‘the community’?
The slogan ‘We are all in this together’ now means shut up and think and do what we tell you to. Anyone who doesn’t is labeled self-centered and selfish. After all, why would you care about yourself? That’s a crazy old fashioned idea!
There’s another, more beautiful world, we can, cocreate together.
My friends and I live in a world where we assume the best in each other.
We see each other as healthy, strong and vibrant. We see those we encounter as healthy & loving, kind, inspiring and beneficial to our life. We see everyone as a member of our human family.
We have compassion and care for those who are suffering from illness, or loss of loved ones.
We don’t view sickness, or the transition of death as bad or wrong. We embrace sickness and death as natural, beautiful, healthy components of the vulnerable, transitory human experience.
We have a holistic understanding of wellness.
We see the mind, body, spirit, and the environment as one integrated, interconnected, whole in a continuous, coherent, feedback loop of communication.
We feel incredible respect, and awe, at the bodies innate intelligence to heal, and restore, itself. We see our bodies as living, breathing, miracles of conscious intelligence and adaption.
It’s been our personal experience that the body often brings its greatest lessons, and evolutionary upgrades, from the wisdom that arises through illness and suffering.
We care so much about each that we value each other’s freedom and we don’t impose our will on each other.
We care so much about each other that we empower each other to make our own best, most informed, decisions over what we do with our own bodies.
We support each other to practice unconditional gratitude and love for the experiences we encounter each day.
We are creating a new world.
Which world do you want to create?
-Brian Piergrossi

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