The World’s New Great Spiritual Teacher: Corona Chronicles #5

Who is the greatest spiritual teacher of all time?

We have had some great spiritual sages through out the ages incarnate in human form.

Yet, perhaps the greatest spiritual teacher ever will end up being the ‘Corona Virus’.

COV-19 is transcending and superceding all our illusionary mental divisions and constructs we’ve falsely held between us for so long.

The illusion of separation is clearly falling. Finally.

The Corina Virus sees us all as the same essence

It doesn’t care about your race
your gender
your culture
your religion
your sexual orientation
your political affiliation
your nationality
Your philosophy or dogma
Your geography
Your status
Your wealth
The clothes you wear
The car you drive
Married or single
Rich of poor
Sinner or saint
Intelligent or stupid
Leader or follower
Left or right
Lover or hater
Good or bad
Positive or negative

The corona doesn’t see any difference or separation between us at all! It move equally through all of us, whatever our differences, like an unbroken chain.

If anything has the power to push us to realize the truth of our unity, our oneness, beyond the illusion of separation, it’s the corona virus.

And working together in a more globally unified, coherent, heart-centered, way is the only thing that is going to get us through this stronger than ever.

There really is no “other”!
Everywhere we look now it’s time to see our own divine reflection in each other’s eyes.
We are each the cells in one glorious, unified body called the Universe..

Corona virus has become the great catalyst for us to start realizing it.

Say “Hello!” to the new global teacher sweeping across every village and planet in the world.

For the first time in human history it’s very clear we are all on the same team across the world.

Now the next question is can we win the game?
It’s going to be a challenge, but I know we can.
– Brian Piergrossi


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