The Worst Thing You Can Do

One of the worst things you can do is look for someone to make you happy. It’s a huge mistake. It never works in the long term. And, In fact, it guarantees an unhappy relationship.
Yet, most of the world continues to do it.
The only way to a truly happy, healthy relationship is self-realization.
To realizing who you really are that transcends birth and death.
To learn to become internally sourced.
To discover the infinite wellspring of inner serenity, freedom, love and empowerment that lies within.
To discover the support that exists all around you in this present moment right now.
If you want a happy relationship get to know yourself fully, deeply and wholly as a wild, free-wheeling, infinite spark of the Divine.
Fall in love with who you really are and learn to see and feel that love in all you encounter.
Only then will you consistently reflect back beauty, love, care, compassion, creativity, harmony and dynamism in your relationships.
Sorry. There is no other way.
Does that mean you should wait to be a fully realized being before you enter into a relationship? The answer is definitely not.
Relationships are our teachers on the path. Through the conflict and turmoil they continue to show us our blind spots, our unconscious patterns and belief systems. They are an incredible catalyst for awakening to who we truly are, especially if this is the committed and conscious intention.
Someone’s presence in your life is a gift not an obligation.
Every morning when I wake up I tell this woman how deeply grateful I am for her presence in my life.

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