You are here to make waves…

We have the potential to cocreate such magic here
And yet this can be a really tough mission sometimes
Remember amidst it all not to take the ever changing journey too seriously
All is infinite reflections of the ONE and only light …
So BE light-hearted
Maintain a sense of innocence, bewilderment and absolute amazement no matter how much you think you’ve learned
All that you think you’ve learned will be unlearned again eventually
Appreciate the play of duality
Where there is man there is woman
Where there is day there is night
Where there is good there is bad
Bring awareness to be anchored in the ever-present I AM
The undivided lightness of BEing
The essence of who you truly are
And then give every ounce of your BEing, every breath, everyday, to change the world
Knowing it never needed to be changed at all 🙂
Everything is so perfect, including your desire to change it and make it better..
In this ocean of love
You are here to make waves ..
I’m happy we have a moment to swim together

– Brian Piergrossi

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