You Are Welcome Here (Video)

For years we’ve been really careful with video as to not disturb the vulnerable sharings that were taking place over the course of one of our retreats.

These retreats have touched and transformed the lives of hundreds of people around the world for over 10 years now! We never really knew how to explain what happens over the course a few days together… and we still don’t. It’s always been more about the BEing than the doing. As time passed it felt too important not to try to share some of the energy, the love, the freedom, the peace, the empowerment, the healing, and the unified field, that opens during these retreats. Too many lives have the potential to be transformed. Let’s show the world what’s possible for all of us on this planet!

It’s with joy that I say, in all this time this is the first time I feel like we’ve really been able to capture a little bit of the energy, the magic and the miracles, that transpired at one of the Big Glow retreats.

What you’re about to watch for the next 5 minutes feels like the culmination of over 10 years of experimentation and exploration. There’s a lot of people to thank over the years who’ve showed up at the right time and helped cultivate these retreats with me. I’v tagged some of you… and please tag others you’ve shared this retreats with. Thank you all.

We’ve long joked that John’s song “You Are Welcome Here” is the theme song of The Big Glow Retreats. The lyrics perfectly describe everything our community is about. It’s indeed the perfect soundtrack for us here.

Annie has been an amazing partner to cocreate this video with. I feel tremendous gratitude for the way we are creating together and moving through the world.

Finally, of all the people whose lives have been transformed around the world by all of the retreats over the years (over 100). There is only one person who has been to every single one of them. Guess who that is? That person is me.

My life has been incredibly transformed by sharing all of these experiences with all of you, some of the bliss-filled, some of them difficult. I’ve learned and grown so much from sharing these retreats with all of you.
I love and appreciate all of you so much. I look forward to more adventures in the future. Thank you for the past ! Thank you for the present.. and thank you for the future!

Enjoy this video from our Spring 2018 Retreat in Asheville North Carolina.

– Brian Piergrossi

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