“Brian was an anchor of positivity for me during a very difficult and disorienting transition in my life. Working with him was deeply supportive as he saw a clear path for me & consistently held to that vision of success which eventually helped me discover it too! Not only is he fun & easy going, but he’s also an action oriented person who sees your pure potential, helps you set goals, and expects you to succeed at them.

The results have been amazing. Since my personal sessions with Brian I am now making money doing impactful & meaningful work that I love. I am living in the place of my dreams and spend several months a year traveling the world. I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life and cultivated a new magical relationship with my true soulmate.
Brian’s guidance, support, and laser-sharp perceptions got me here.”
– A.K., Minneapolis, MN

““I had made the decision to share private sessions with Brian.  We started in January of 2017. I felt at the time that I was a mess, still living in my mind, the past, victimization, the stories, needing validation, the people pleasing, and anxiety about the future.  In the past 6 months, I have become so much more aware than I ever thought I would be. I have learned to live in the now, let the energy of all, seemingly good or seemingly bad, flow through me.Through Brian’s experience and his great mentorship, I was able to manifest my soulmate, and in a manner of 4 weeks, we found each other in a way that I would have never expected. Brian helped me feel the fear and allow it to flow through and out of me, not without some resistance on my part, of course.
It really works when we align ourselves with who we really are..
Amazing things happen when we live in the now, detach from our minds and remain in that open field of oneness and infinite possibilities.” -G.R, Miami Florida

“Before I found Brian, I was very disconnected from my body and carrying a lot of trauma that made it hard for me to open and receive the best in life. I was particularly very angry at men and shut down to the gift of Divine Masculinity. Brian’s very deep, loving and stabilizing Presence, helped me release my enemy images about men. I experienced his energy as very “Shiva-like”- a strong pillar of Consciousness that gave me permission to let go and free myself of my emotional burdens. After working with Brian, I was free to be in my Sacred Femininity once more. I felt peaceful and happy. I found my own ecstasy and ability to receive! I released a lot of my anger towards men and began developing deep understanding and compassion for men and the male experience, which was a priceless gift! Thank you Brian for the powerful work you do – you showed me that Presence itself is powerful medicine and essential for healing trauma and returning to ease and grace in life once more.” A.K, Asheville NC

“Brian’s retreats calls forth and nurtures my highest self, helps me release negatives and ideas of self-limitation, embrace my potential, and find new wellsprings of joy inside myself” – S.K. Sacramento, CA

“The Big Glow Silent Retreat was the perfect blend of stillness, yoga, breathwork and connection, all guided perfectly by amazing facilitators. I feel that we were assisted in exactly the right way for our needs. Such an open. authentic, and natural environment, that really lent itself beautifully to the purpose of the weekend. So grateful for what you created for us.” L.C. Thailand

“What your book and message and spirit has taught me, is that …; God, this life source is breathing me. I don’t worry as much. I spend my time and days creating from spirit. I bask in the beauty of life and all the miracles. Your generous giving loving heart and teachings have saved me, in more ways than I can express in words.” K.V. Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you, Brian.  I’ve felt a lot of release and relief. Your presence (all sessions) is mirroring to me in magnificent ways. It is working miracles.”  – K.H Finland

“While we have worked together, parts of the self that needed to be freed unleashed deeply.  His presence inspired me to get radically honest with myself, to break through glass ceilings, and to clarify intentions of the heart.  Having a supportive presence nudging me to live a truly integrated life has been immensely valuable .”  – A.G. Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Doing so well after your coaching and learning how to relax, live in the now, breathe properly, meditate and being grateful.  Filling my life with good. Thanks!”  – S.K. San Francisco, California

“I highly recommend Brian to you all of you considering working with him. He is truly gifted and deeply insightful man, with a gentle kindness, yet inner power, which makes him easy to relate to.”   M.S. Rockville, Maryland

“I just wanted to say, WOW! transforming session and sessions.  I feel so grateful for the things you have been through in your life that has brought you to this now point.  Your journey is in turn helping my journey and my awakening.”  G.R. Spokane, Washington

“Hi Brian, I think it is a perfect day to let you know how much you have done for me in my life through our sessions. It is like you have opened up a bottle to let everything run freely and fluidly in me. You have the gift to make people realize them self.”  B.F. Campbell, Spain

“I don’t think there are words on this planet to describe my thanks.  You have guided me to become honest and accountable with myself, which then reflects to the world. WOW!!!!  I feel lighter and have no words to describe this feeling inside. Brian you are moving the fog I was living in and I’m seeing glorious sunshine for the first time.” M.W. Sydney, Australia

“Brian  is a transmitter of presence.  I am grateful to him for teaching me from his Beingness how to live my life more authentically and more fully alive within myself.  As I continue to bring more of my True Self into the present moment, I am able to experience more fully the gift of being me and being able to share that with others.”  – M.A. Miami, FL

“After my session, I feel like I am diving into my soul and playing with it and have a very blissful state of being. It was a spark and now a flame. I feel like I just had a 3 hour massage, and I love massage..
Shining. “  – J.R. Reading, PA

“When I came to Brian I was in a very dark place in my heart, wondering what the point was and running out of hope.
Brian brought the light and shined it on my heart in so many ways. He has helped me be aware of the dragging the past into each moment, or burdening the moment with the what ifs of the future. I am learning to create the space in this moment, to enjoy what is here now.  I have a peace now that I did not have before.”  J.T. Raleigh, NC

“My greatest gift to myself was taking these life coach sessions with you. It is truly the most powerful and beautiful gift a person could ever gain.”  E.V. Chicago, Illinois

“Thank You Brian for being a helpful soul during those days when I questioned so much and was living in a stagnant puddle of worry and sadness and frustration…..your coaching words took time to sink in at my own pace and allowed me to own my own power and begin to live.”   K.S. Milwaukee, Wisconscin

“Brian sees past the problem that has shadowed over us and is holding us back in life, and gently covers us with a solution that lets rays of light melt away the problem to open up doors to a new world that has been waiting for us from the very beginning…There’s a peace to his soul that comes across in his voice, his silence and his guidance.”  D.S.  St. Petersburg, FL

“Brian’s love, wisdom, dedication and light has made an impact to my life! It’s amazing in a short time how I have turned my situations around,  This man not only brought great insights to facing life directly, but found a drive inside of me that I now love to chose well.  – E.L. Oak Ridge, IL
 “Each week through his attentive listening, power of presence and reflective feedback, I was able to see myself more clearly. Each week Brian would ask the simplest yet most profound questions. They were unlike any other questions I have been asked before  because my heart was answering them. These questions were like little seeds that I would tend to, and watch grow, into the most beautiful answers!”  MI, Miami Florida

“Brian’s book, The Big Glow laid the ground work, the rich fertile soil for everything to take shape and bloom. With love, humor and a comforting wisdom, his book gently began to peel back the layers and remove years of unnecessary armor.”   –  MI, Long Island NY

“Brian!!!  Your life coaching has helped me in so may ways and things are happening that are so amazing!  I will continue to thank you as someone who has helped me so much on my path!”   – K.M. Seattle, Washington

“Brian is an amazing gift to the world. His abilities to listen without judgment, ask the right questions and share the perfect information at the perfect time are priceless. He has a special way of getting right to the heart of the matter and gently reminding me of my inherent bliss and worth. A true gift!”  T.M. Carrboro, NC

“Brian did a great job helping me to relax and communicate some of my confusions within my relationship.  Change is already in motion and though it will be a challenging time for me, I’m feeling blessed to have found him as a gifted guide on my path.”  L.S. Lincoln, NE

“Brian is a unique and inspiring. He has the ability to connect deeply on a one-to-one basis while remaining acutely attuned to the social, political and cultural context in which our lives are lived. Brian’s passion, truthfulness, and warmth are really a special combination and make him particularly capable of touching and catalyzing change in the lives of others.”  Dr. M.B. Long Island, NY

‘The Wow of the Now: Each page, each segment, unfolds gently, softly, like a prayer whispered in your heart. Perhaps this shall be the “prayer-book” for the New Religion that we are calling LOVE!’ – V.S. Escondido, CA

‘These are not just words written on a page, the writings in this book are so much deeper. I laughed, I cried, I felt a deep feeling of enoughness and a soothing, cleansing, peace all wrapped up in a warm blanket of love. I didn’t just read this book. I felt this book.’ -G.R. Spokane, WA

“The Wow of the Now’ will bring you into the powerful, amazing and limitless potentials for each moment in your life if you allow it to. Let the insight on so many areas of life enfold you, transform you deeper into the presence of now, where everything is born.” – G.H. Boston, MA

“Brian, your read was absolutely an astonishing master-piece. Thanks for the affirmation of self & the profound enlightenment that was encased.” -Y.P. Baltimore, MD

“I am so enjoying the beauty of your book! What a sweet reminder it has been for me of what an AWESOME and MAGICAL world we live in! Thank you for sharing your LIGHT with the world!” E.C. Cape Coral, FL

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