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natureI work, one on one, in person, over the telephone, or online, with people all over the world, ranging from teenagers to senior citizens. I have found that though we are each so unique, there is something in our essence that is the same.

Together, we take a holistic, integral approach encompassing the transformation of body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Together we will transcend negative behavior patterns and limiting belief systems and move toward positive behavior patterns and belief systems that create the quality of life you desire.

Together we begin this most exciting journey of all. The journey into the power of now and the Authentic Self.

Taking a holistic approach, and using my 5 core principles of transformation 1) Self-Honesty 2) Clarity of Intention 3) Vision and Plan 4) Accountability 5) Integral Approach , we address the important questions for you as an individual, moving beyond the self-imposed limitations, unleashing your creative potential, innate wisdom, inner serenity, and deepest passion, creating the vision of the life you desire for the benefit of yourself and others. You will be filled with both inspiration and accountability. The place to start is right where you are at!

My life coaching is done over the telephone, or online,  from the comfort of your home. Email, instant messaging and face to face sessions can also be utilized.

Sessions may be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, and are approximately an hour in length and often include healing meditation. There are other options available as well. Please call or write to discover how I can assist your needs as an evolving individual.

To really maximize the benefits in finding and integrating this clarity together, I strongly suggest new clients to make a minium 3 month commitment. Installment payment plans are possible.

Life is full of possibilities!  Discover the way forward to a life with meaning, purpose, inspiration, creativity and the deep peace and passion that lies within!

There is nothing wrong with you and yet you have unlimited potential inside you!

There are many moments in life. Make the most of this one.

autumnmountains-300x199 Imagine someone totally on your side. Someone who sees your potential and holds a vision for you want to be, while completely accepting and seeing you for how amazing you already are. With a combination of gentle support, honest feedback, intuitive insight and useful tools, your personal life coach brings out the best in you. Whether it’s for a motivational boost or transforming your relationship to your work or home life, or simply having an increased quality of life, Personal Life Coaching is an empowering avenue to greater fulfillment. A one-on-one confidential session provides the opportunity for you to experience more of what you want in your life and in the process, gain self-awareness, insight, and persona and spiritual growth. Life Coaching clients continue their relationship with their coach, through phone sessions, from any distant location.
nature-photography-Canada-Lake-Louise-jotor-216x300Brian offers individual life coaching sessions over the phone, Skype video call. or Facebook. In person session can also be arranged.. A one time coaching session usually addresses a particular issue of pressing importance. Sessions can usually be scheduled within 24 hrs of your inquiry and payment. Single session lasts usually about an hour. Cost: $175
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Arrange Scheduling. Brian will contact you within 24 hrs to confirm appointment.
“I give my clients the highest priority and attention to ensure their success.” -Brian Piergrossi
Kick start a new you with major shifts in every aspect of your life using the very principles which have made such a huge difference in my life, and countless others I have coached and counseled through out the world.
There is nothing more exciting than feeling yourself bloom, living the life you were born to live, with deep meaning, purpose and inspiration, moving beyond limiting belief systems and sharing your unique gifts with the world.
There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than awakening to who you are, why you are here, and living from the place of authenticity each day.
While we will focus on core aspects of your life that need the most support, there is a realization that all of life is interconnected and therefore uses a integral, holistic model encompassing every aspect of your life including: physical health (nutrition and exercise), psychological health (becoming aware of limiting belief systems),

  • emotional health
  • financial health
  • spiritual health (the root of the tree)
  • inner peace
  • health in loving primary relationships
  • and living your life’s purpose in service of others

To really maximize the benefits in finding and integrating this clarity together, I now strongly suggest new clients commit to working with me for 3 months minimum.
Sessions are one-on-one life coaching sessions, via telephone ( facebook or skype). Sessions are 45 to 60 minutes in length at a time of the week that is convenient for you, as well as secondary support through email and my website throughout the week.
All sessions are confidential and it is very important to explore yourself as deeply as possible for significant change to take place.
Brian’s personal life coaching has been highly transformative in the lives of his ongoing clients. Please see the testimonial page for more on this.
Payment may be made by credit card, cash or check. It is possible to arrange payments in installments that are most convenient for you.
Contact Brian for further questions and details on how to enroll anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.
Join this movement and discover, like many others, the clarity and direction within to take life to another level.
The most important investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Sessions may begin as soon as you’re ready. Are you ready?
3 month personal life coaching commitment with Brian Piergrossi (12 sessions and email correspondence): $1995
6 month commitment:$3995
12 month commitment: $7995
   Make Payment
Arrange Scheduling. Brian will contact you within 24 hrs to confirm appointment. 
“I give my personal clients the highest priority and attention to ensure their success and transformation.” -Brian Piergrossi
A Single Session is $600

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