It’s been wonderful to be reconnecting with the guys I used to get into trouble with growing up here in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

We’d be out from morning till night, in the Summers, doing things I can’t mention on social media… but boy was it fun doing those things I can’t mention on social media!!

We’d only come back inside to eat lunch. Then be back out again till dark.

There were Summer days I wouldn’t wear a shirt the entire day. My skin was golden brown from the sun. There was no such thing as time in the Summer. Nothing was scheduled. The only two times were sunrise & sunset. It was a time that was so wild & free in a way that doesn’t exist for most children in America anymore.

My friends and I would routinely get ourselves in a wide variety of dangerous situations together. But those moments made us tough, resilient, and resourceful, in a way that came in handy later in life. Those precarious moments bonded us together in a way that we knew we had each others backs no matter what … and, after all these years, that bond remains.

That era of American life is over. Now people stare at their phones most of the day.

But there was a time when we were outside in the warm sun & fresh air from morning till sunset, playing in open fields & forests, and learning life lessons we still carry inside us today.

Those same fields & forests are now paved, manicured, suburban developments where people whizz by in cars in a rush. You can try to domesticate the human spirit, but somewhere inside us there’s still a wildness that exists.

That Spirit wants to play, take chances, adventure, it wants to live and to learn. I wouldn’t be who I was today if it wasn’t for those times in my childhood, and those initial friendships where we first learned, through trial & error, what it means to be human together. How to feel, how to think, how to dream, how to laugh & how to cry.

These days, when we get get together, we laugh about how stupid & crazy we were!  Yet those were the pivotal moments that made us more wise.

My advice to to you dear reader is this. Stop being so concerned about safety and comfort. Take more chances. It’s OK to make mistakes. That’s how you learn and grow in wisdom! And remember, it’s impossible to die! But it is definitely possible to not truly live.

– Brian Piergrossi

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