Your Challenge is Your Gift


Happy December Friends! Welcome to my Weekly Inspirational Newsletter….

Life is not here to make you happy. This life is here to make you conscious. Life makes you conscious by continually challenging you to learn the lessons and evolve on your soul’s path to the infinite essence of who you are and express it in the world.
So if you’re being challenged to grow, all is well.

With deep humility and unconditional embrace of life’s daily challenges, a peace, freedom, and vast love of this NOW arises which no temporary challenge can shake.

It was in my darkest nights when I looked up and noticed just how many stars there actually are.

Thank you for BEing…
Brian Satori Piergrossi
Asheville NC USA

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…The Inner World. A new adventure for humanity.

We predominately spent the last several thousand years discovering and studying the outer world around us. Next level: Discover and exploring the frontier of the vast inner world that animates all things.

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