6 Days a Week Commitment – Brian Piergrossi


Work hard. Play hard. Make your work your play & your play your work.

To tune up your vehicle, exercise is a homegrown, organic technology and a natural high with no negative side effects…

For those interested in living a life of optimal well-being, the benefits of exercise permeate all aspects of your life. Physical exercise increases energy, reduces stress, and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, facilitates cerebral and kinesthetic intelligence, builds stamina and endurance, stronger bones and muscles, confidence and self worth. fosters discipline, perseverance, commitment, the ability to achieve goals and objectives, increases libido, increases alertness, emotional balance, releases loads of endorphins .. and that’s just some of the benefits..

My commitment is, and has been, to move my body for one hour a day, six days a week. Clients and students of mine have also accepted this challenge. Are you in?

One of the most practical things you can do for well-being and fulfillment is to commit to exercise.

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