On New Year’s Eve, close to midnight, I was sitting around a circle with a beautiful group of beloved friends. We were sharing our reflections upon 2020 and our intentions for 2021.
I told the group, given the current state of global affairs, I was being called to step up more as a leader this year, and I wanted them to hold me accountable to that. The last few days I’ve been contemplating how I can be of highest service to the world in 2021.

Here is the answer:

I’m in the process of shifting my primary energy away from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & Twitter.
I will still have a positing presence on these platforms for light, fluffy Hallmark type stuff. What are you grateful for? Virtual hugs etc.
I will also still have FB messenger and also use FB to invite people to, and be invited to, upcoming events.
The deeper, more adventurous dives,and edgy stuff, that wants to happen will take place in six key areas.

1) In person (face to face) gatherings
The oldest and, by far, still the best way to communicate with each other.
So much of the miscommunication and polarization, this past year is because this form of communication has been lost and relegated solely to social media. In 2021 I’m bringing it back & better than ever.
I’ll be creating consistent in person gatherings, and private sessions, in the Asheville area by direct invitation only. These will not be publicly listed. Send me a message, or leave a comment below if you’d like more info.
I’ll also be networking you to other resonant events & gatherings as well

2) Group Video Calls

3) Website/ Blog/ Newsletter
You can get on my newsletter here:
Website/ blog:

4) The Brian Piergrossi Podcast
This remains a place I have raw, long form, unedited conversations with amazing people I find interesting from around the world.
I did have one podcast episode censored from Spotify, but generally speaking I feel free here.. and it’s super fun! .

5) New Peer to Peer Mastermind Group

6) Telegram!
I am creating a new, additional online community this week on Telegram.
Here, I’ll be able to explore, uncensored and unrestricted, what exactly is happening in the world, and how to create a more enlightened civilization of wisdom, love, harmony, freedom, creativity, beauty, wonder & empowerment.
Where Facebook is now like commercial network television (and, over time, seems to lower ones IQ the same way) Telegram will be my HBO.
Where Facebook will be platitudes fit for the Disney channel, Telegram will be exploring much more edgy content, adventurous inquiries, and the nitty, gritty nuts & bolts of how to we make it from point A to point B, with some of the most high vibing friends on the planet.
New Telegram channel ‘Big Glow Unlimited’ will be up this week. Join:
Your comments, questions, on any of this are welcome.
Thanks for being here and sharing this journey with me at this most extraordinary time. ?

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