Are You Asking the Right the Questions? Dubai

This is our last night in Thailand after spending over seven weeks in this beautiful culture.
We just completed facilitating a divine breathwork & mindfulness workshop in downtown Bangkok.
We needed to reroute our return flight which was scheduled to go through Beijing, China.
This was a bit of a tedious and costly process.
Yet, I decided to take it as an opportunity.
I have repeatedly conditioned my mind to ask one of the single most powerful, transformational questions one can ask:
“How can I turn a perceived negative into a positive?”
I probably ask myself this question dozens of times a day, as life throws its curveballs.
Our minds our highly, creative, intelligent tools once we learn how to use their vast computing power for our benefit by asking the right questions.
It occurred to me I could turn a perceived negative into a positive by using this as an opportunity to stop somewhere I’d always wanted to visit on the route back home.
As I was researching alternate routes I found a great deal on a great place I’ve long been curious about but have never been to: Dubai
So we’re heading to a luxurious hotel in downtown Dubai.
And with social media, you’re coming with us.
And how about in your life? How are you turning a perceived negative into a positive?

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