Embrace the Unknown! I’ve got a lot going on right now!

First off, thank you to the wonderful feedback in regards to the story of my unconditional love of my grandfather last week.  It means a lot to me, and to my family. I read all of your emails and messages even if I don’t always reply personally and I appreciate them deeply. If you haven’t read it you can find it here: http://brianpiergrossi.com/inspirational-tale-of-unconditional-love-the-story-of-my-grandfather/

Although we give so much attention in the media to celebrities and politicians acting out in self-centered and mean-spirited ways, it’s important to remember there are many people around the world, who are not famous or wealthy, who are imperfect and flawed, yet quietly act and speak in the heroic spirit of love each day without much fanfare or accolades.. In many ways these are the people who hold this world together. Perhaps we begin to shine more of a spotlight on these simple heroes instead. .

I’m about to head out for our sold-out Big Glow Retreat this weekend.. I’m really feeling the call to give myself fully and completely for the good of the whole as you will see in my exploding event schedule below… and there will be more to add next week. And it’s so much fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the upcoming events and please know I continue to offer and schedule personal sessions online and phone around the world if you have something in particular your struggling with and  would like clarity on.

Embrace the Unknown!

In Portland Oregon, I saw this written on the wall:

“The worst of fears have to be sung from the rooftops!”
When we can embrace our fear and dance with it, not only does it not impede our divine purpose, it actually informs, inspires and amplifies it.  All the great cultural, artistic and spiritual revolutionaries through out history learned how to do this.

The root cause of fear is the unknown. The unknown is the root of anxiety and yet it’s also the root of excitement.

When we learn to embrace the inherent unknown in any situation, we learn to live in a place of perpetual excitement and aliveness.  When we resist inherent unknowns in any situation, we live in a place of perpetual anxiety.

As I wrote in The Big Glow, anxiety and excitement are the exact same energy channeled in a different way.

To embrace the unknown is to embrace the vitality and vibrancy of this moment itself… and this moment is where the entirety of life takes place.
To embrace the unknown it to sign up for an exciting life of adventure and divine purpose.
Please do so now

With love, light and a little bit of magic

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Sept 8, 2016  West Asheville NC, USA

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Upcoming Public Events:

 Sept 10-12 The Big Glow Retreat: Limitless Love & Light, Namestoy Retreat Center, 1hr North of Atlanta http://thebigglowsept2016,eventbrite.com

Sept 17 11am-1pm– Winston Salem NC,  Montly Meditation Group led by Brian Piergrossi   Private Residence. Email  Julia for address: juliamiley43@gmail.com

New: Sept 18: Abingdon Virginia, Private Residence. The Big Glow One Day Retreat: Turning Fear Into Love w/ Brian Piergrossi & Michelle Toms https://www.facebook.com/events/631320270363513/

Sept 22 Bagua Center, Miami FL: Celebrating Equinox: Inner Transformation – Brian Piergrossi featured presenter http://baguacenter.com

Featured: Sept 23-29 – Miami FL (Bagua Center), The Life Artists Mastery Program: Seven Days to Everywhere! – Brian Piergrossi  http://baguacenter.com

Oct 1-2 Asheville NC: Brian is Featured Presenter at ‘The Resonate Festival’http://resonateasheville.com

New: Oct 15 Cancun Mexico – The Big Glow ONe Day Retreat: Secrets to Love, Peace, Freedom & Success

Oct 22-23: The Life Artist Mastery Online Retreat w Brian Piergrossi (more info next week)

Oct. 28: Petaluma, California: The Big Glow at Night w/ Brian Piergrossi

Oct. 29-30 Sepastopol California  2 Day Retreat w/ Brian Piergrosi

New: Nov 4-6 Mt. Shasta California, The Sacred Alchemy Retreat – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sacred-alchemy-retreat-mt-shasta-healing-immersion-tickets-27177811566

Nov 18-20 The Sacred Matrix Retreat – Pacifica California

Dec 9-12 The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose  Brian Piergrossi and John Stringer – Namestoy Retreat Center (One Hour North of Atlanta) http://thebigglowdec2016.eventbrite.com

April 1-4 The Urban Mystic Retreat: Empowerment and Transformation with Dale Alan Hoffman and Brian Piergrossi – Asheville NC

April 13-19 Italy Retreat with Valeria Tignini & Brian Piergrossi

May 26-30 Norway – Details TBA

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Sometimes we get so caught up in our minds, filled with stress and anxiety. Trying to fight problems that are 6 or 7 steps down the road, losing sight of the fact that none of these problems actually even exist in this present moment.  I call this “slaying illusionary dragons”
When this happens. Take a slow deep breath….. Come back to the wow of this now. Come back to who you truly are and move from anxiety to the peace and clarity within …
You’re in the right place …

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