Ep 168 The Glow: – Dealing with Your Past – John Stringer & Brian Piergrossi

We received great feedback from this podcast with John stringer live in Atlanta Georgia. We delve into two questions from the audience earlier in the week. We talk about emotion and trauma from the past. We talk about re-writing and re-creating our stories from the past and the future. We talk about victimization consciousness. We talk about victory consciousness. Learning from our mistakes and seeing them as opportunities to grow. We talk about Oprah Winfrey as a model for going from victim to victor. We talk about realizing yourself as a storyteller. We talk about separating your feeling from your story and recognizing the difference. We talk about witness consciousness. We talk about Christ consciousness. We talk about true empathy and compassion. We talk about our second annual New Year’s retreat coming up at the end of December… and more …


More on John: http://johnstringer.inc

More on Brian; http://Brianpiergrossi.com

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