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This is becoming such a treat to look forward to on Fridays isn’t it? ūüôā ¬†A wonderful way to end the week and start the weekend right. It’s also¬†a great way for me personally to practice focus, discipline and commitment to get new inspired writings¬†and videos out to you here, and¬†on my blog, each and everyFriday.

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There are questions about what makes an “enlightened person”. a term I tend not to use much these days but it sure is a fun question as you will soon find out!

It is very difficult to determine, by any outward indication,  who is an awakened being.

The self-realized human can come in all shape, sizes, colors and sexual orientations.  They come in both genders. They might live in a mansion or they might live in an alley.  They may have many material possessions or none at all.   They may be a yogini, a spiritual teacher, a dancer, an artist, a secretary, a stay-at-home Mom, a business woman, a gas station attendant, or a garbage man.  They may be very articulate or barely say a word.  They may be very educated or not have much worldly knowledge at all.  They may be very gregarious or prefer a more solitary existence.

They may rise out of any class, status or cultural background.  They may be somewhat famous or be known by virtually no one.  There is an infinite number of ways to express the divine and it is important not to get overly focused on what package it comes in but rather to recognize the essence beyond the external package.

However, there is something that is often a very good indication of someone’s degree of spiritual realization. ¬†It is not how many books they have read, how many crystals they have in their house, how long their hair is, how many big words they use, or how long they can stand on their head for. ¬†It is whether or not they have a sense of humor!

As human beings, we laugh when we are pleasantly surprised.  From the enlightened perspective, not every moment is pleasant, but every moment is indeed a surprise!  It is to live in and embrace the unknown and recognize this simple moment for what it is:  a divine miracle.

The enlightened person used to think he or she knew a lot, but suddenly there comes a point where they realize they don’t know anything. ¬†It all fell away somewhere along the way. ¬†They don’t know how it happened, or when it happened, or how it happened, or why it happened. ¬†They don’t even know what happened!!! ¬†They don’t know who they are or even where they are! ¬†They spend the day walking around in a state of utter amazement. They don’t have any guilt because they don’t remember why they should!!

This moment, and every moment, is realized and cherished as a divine mystery, not from a place of confusion but from a place of absolute clarity. That is why traditionally these folks¬†have been called “mystics”.

The smallest moment can put them into a state of ecstasy: the way the sunlight glistens off a leaf, the shape of a dolphin, the sound of the wind as it rustles through branches in the early evening twilight.

Contrary to the way it may seem, this mystical quality does not make them into an idiot but, once this awakening stabilizes and integrates itself inside them, actually ends up making them far more intelligent and grounded.

Why? Because they realize they don’t know, they are now¬†open and¬†receptive to the moment. ¬†They now listen more closely, they pay closer attention, they notice more details, they are more sensitive to the subtleties and nuances of life, they are far more creative, they learn much more quickly and they find much more fulfillment in the simplest moments. A mind that doesn’t know is¬†open, quiet and clear and thus able to accomplish what’s in front of it.

In embracing the unknown, they are more present to the marvel of this moment and less caught in the worries of the future. or guilts and baggage of the past.
This has a positive effect on their relationships and professions.   This gives them a new, more light-hearted perspective on life and allows them see it with more humor, joy and laughter.

– Excerpt from my forthcoming book “The Way of the Life Artist”

So here is a new spiritual practice for this week:  Laugh!!

With love, light and a little bit of magic

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Aug  19. 2016  Asheville NC, USA

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A quick shot of enlightenment  (1 min and 30 seconds)

How do I explain to the human world that nothing’s ever happened ?! ¬†Another attempt ..
Till then.. I’ll meet you in the naked garden that transcends space and time ..
The rest is poetry..
But we all love poetry don’t we ? ūüėä‚ú®

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