Are You Living Outside Your Comfort Zone?

Are you living outside your comfort zone?

The things that are scary are where we grow the most. Where we feel most alive.

To welcome the unknown brings a sense of relaxed excitement. It is to be at ease in the chaos, in continual cocreation with the miracle of what is.

It’s what gives life its vitality, excitement and passion. It’s the embrace of dancing with the unknown.
It’s continually welcoming the growing edge of the evolution of your consciousness, continually embracing what’s next while at the same realizing your timeless, spaceless, infinite spiritual essence in which nothing ever changes or happens.

Take chances
Dream bigger
Live dangerously
Live adventurously
Be more playful
…This is the passion

No matter how many chances you take realize the infinite unchanging spiritual essence which always remains the same.

This is the peace amidst the storm.
– Brian Piergrossi

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