Loving the World Without a Why

Loving the World Without a Why

Thank you all for your feedback on my blog earlier this week sharing the inner journey I have been through the past three weeks. I received lots of responses by email and text message, PMs, the comment thread and stimulating face to face conversations.

I’ve been setting the intention to be more vulnerable in sharing from my personal life with you here through writing and also through my FB live video series as vignettes of the Divine in motion. It feels good to know there is support and excitement around that..

I view what I am sharing, not as final word, but as chapters in an ongoing conversation together.

I want to further clarify something a couple people asked me about what I shared yesterday.

When I speak about the lucid revelation that “everything is an illusion” I don’t in any way mean that the world is bad, something to be avoided, or try to escape from.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

To try to avoid the world must mean you think it’s real .. and also that there is someone who is real (you) that needs to avoid it.

Otherwise there would be nothing to try to avoid!

From the depth of this realization experiencing the world is in no way a problem. However it’s also in no way a solution.
Fulfillment doesn’t come any longer from attaching to any particular experience no matter how grand or horrific. It comes through realizing yourself as the unchanging, ever-present awareness that transcends every experience.

Infinite reflections of the ONE and only timeless light.

Realizing that the passage of time is a complete construction of the mind.

So wholly and fully embrace the world. Love everything. Love all that arises and every part of yourself. To love everything feels like a very overwhelming task until you realize that this simple moment is all there ever is.
To love everything means to unconditionally love whatever’s arising in this moment right now exactly as it is.

Then I don’t love you because of what you may be able to do for me in return, or because of the story of who I think you are..

I love you simply because you exist…as the unshakeable essence of all that IS.

– Brian Piergrossi


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