The 28 Day Free Challenge!

I’m challenging you for 28 days to live your highest and greatest life possible, in all the primary areas of your life, from the pure, on purpose, depths of your heart! Http://

Does it sound difficult? I’m going to be honest with you. It is!! 
Don’t worry. Myself and 93 other people from around the world will help you… and we will help you for FREE!!

I’m super excited about this offer! My private online accountability community has made such a difference in the lives of the members of our community thus far that I am now offering everyone a one month trial for free!

If you are already a member of our community share this link with your friends and let me them know they can now join you:

The 9 primary areas we focus on are as follows:

1) Physical Body (exercise, diet, rest and relaxation)
2) Mind (moving unconscious belief systems & thought patterns to conscious
3) Emotions (Emotional Intelligence & Depth)
4) Relationships (co-Create the relationship of your dreams)
5) Work (Do meaningful creative work that you love)
6) Finances (Get your finances in order)
7) Family (Healing Familial Ties)
8) Community (Find the right circle of friends. Hint: that’s us! 🙂
9) Spirit (Self-Realization. Knowing Who You Really Are)

The movement through our community is self-guided. That means that you decide which of these areas are of primary importance to you at a particular time in your life.. and I support you in those areas.

Join our Community for the free 28 Day Challenge :

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“Thank you for your insight. A great peace unfolded in me in such a short time of listening. It’s as if a weight has been taken from me. I had forgotten who I was. Thank you for bringing me back home to myself.” – J.F. United Kingdom

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