Reflections from 5 Days Camping in the Appalachian Mountains

True, deep, intelligence utilizes so much more than just the intellect & the brain.
It accesses the heart & the lungs.
It accesses the gut & the sexual organs.
It integrates the full nervous system & every cell of your being.
It utilizes your feet in connection to the earth.
It’s connected to the air you breathe, the food you eat & the water you drink.
It’s connected to the trees and the animals around you.
To the people you love, the strangers you encounter, the community you serve & the children you care for.
To the shimmering stars you look up to at night
To the power of the moon that pulls the tides and the morning sunlight that kisses your sensitive skin.

This intelligence is in you & all around you.

If one could get quiet and reconnect to the beauty and magic of the wilderness they can reconnect to this intelligence.

When we get quiet in meditative states, we realize this intelligence doesn’t just lie somewhere outside us, it lies deep inside us as well.

After five days of camping this week.
Swimming naked daily in the clear, blue lake
Sleeping to nothing but the natural sounds of birds, owls & bullfrogs.
Watching the sunset over the mountain ridge each evening at twilight
Singing songs with friends by the campfire
And repeatedly accessing the deep, quiet stillness of the Appalachian mountains.

I’d like to share with you there’s a supreme intelligence that pervades all things.

It’s an invisible chord that connects all we encounter.

Access it and we become so much more intelligence than we ever could just using the brain.

It’s been called many things: awakening, self realization, enlightenment, the Tao, God consciousness etc.

It’s better to call it nothing at all.

The only way to access this intelligence is through the present moment.

This present moment is all there is.

-Brian Piergrossi

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