Introducing: The Authenticity Sessions

The Authenticity Sessions:

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Are you seeking a place of deep listening, honesty, and confidentiality your friends can not provide?
Are you seeking clarity, direction, healing?

Introducing: The Authenticity Sessions
The Truth will Set you Free!

-Stimulates Greater Self-Awareness
-Releases Guilt, Shame
-Emotional Support

I create a deep field of presence and listening in an objective, non-judgmental way that is like a shower for the soul. It allows stuck energy to move.and new creative ways of perceiving the world to enter.
You are encouraged to be as honest as you can possibly be. I will ask questions that will guide into deeper levels of self awareness, self love, clarity, healing, creativity, liberation and release. For those that are more advanced on the path we may enter a space of authentic silence together (you may know this as ‘meditation’, or ‘eye gazing;). All sessions are confidential.
Rate is sliding scale $111 – $211 for a limited time. Limited space available.


Results from previous clients.

“Hi Brian, I think it is a perfect day to let you know how much you have done for me in my life through our sessions. It is like you have opened up a bottle to let everything run freely and fluidly in me. You have the gift to make people realize them self.” B.F. Campbell, Spain

“I don’t think there are words on this planet to describe my thanks. You have guided me to become honest and accountable with myself, which then reflects to the world. WOW!!!! I feel lighter and have no words to describe this feeling inside. Brian you are moving the fog I was living in and I’m seeing glorious sunshine for the first time.” M.W. Sydney, Australia

“After my session, I feel like I am diving into my soul and playing with it and have a very blissful state of being. It was a spark and now a flame. I feel like I just had a 3 hour massage, and I love massage.. Shining. “ – J.R. Reading, PA

“I just wanted to say, WOW! transforming session and sessions. I feel so grateful for the things you have been through in your life that has brought you to this now point. Your journey is in turn helping my journey and my awakening.” G.R. Spokane, Washington

“Brian was an anchor of positivity for me during a very difficult and disorienting transition in my life. Since my personal sessions with Brian I am now making money doing impactful & meaningful work that I love. I am living in the place of my dreams and spend several months a year traveling the world. I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life and cultivated a new magical relationship with my true soulmate.

Brian’s guidance, support, and laser-sharp perceptions got me here.”

– M.K., Minneapolis, MN


The Authenticity Sessions:

Schedule a One Hour Session Here 

Make Sliding Scale Payment Here $111 -$211




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