Slip Behind the Mindverse

How do we liberate ourselves from the prison bars of our own suffering?
If we can just be mindful that the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, other people, the universe, are not true. They are only stories. Every thought is a judgement. We are the timeless light of awareness that shines behind the mindverse.
What we see is a figment of the imagination. A kaleidoscope of dreams..
When one universe ends and another begins, this Presence still remains as the effortless love that imbues every cell in the time/space continuum.
Wednesdays, I lead a guided meditation and deep QandA in my private subscription community with close to 40 members around the world.
All sessions are archived and contain a powerful, healing transmission.
This was a response from last week from Stephanie, one of our members:
“I just finished the meditation part of last night ….. tears rolled down my face . I feel so comfortable and at peace .”
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