The Vast Power Beyond the Words – Brian Piergrossi

The Vast Power Beyond the Words

It may feel strange at first, however I usually invite people when they are listening to me. or another spiritual teacher, give satsang not to pay much attention to the words. It’s best to let go of the words together as soon as you hear them. The essence of what any great spiritual teacher has to share is not communicated in their words. It’s in the transmission of their presence, their energy. their eyes, their infinite depth of Silence within, the vibrational tone in their voice…

When you try to cling to any words or ideas a teacher shares you take them with you like a burden on your back. That’s when the illusion of being a person, and the entire dream of time and space, is further strengthened and fortified. You’re using words and ideas to try to fill a hole that doesn’t exist to begin with.. which is why it will never work.

The greatest spiritual teachers are so gifted they have learned how to talk for an hour without saying anything at all!! They give you nothing to hold on to and naturally strip away everything you thought you ever knew. Only ever inviting you into this infinite moment .. over and over .. over… and this one too … until you finally accept the invitation.

Sit with a teacher and see if you can continually let go of each word, each thought, as soon as it arises… like a cup continually emptying itself of the past, moment by moment.

This is the way to listen… and this is the way to live.

Anthony De Mello Wrote:

“Said a traveler to one of the disciples, “I have traveled a great distance to listen to the Master, but I find his words quite ordinary”.

“Don’t listen to his words. Listen to his message”.

“How does one do that”?

‘Take hold of a sentence that he says. Shake it well till all the words drop off. What is left will set your heart on fire.’ ”

Namaste my friends
Thank you for your presence.

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