Three Keys to Keep Any Long-Term Relationship Passionate & Alive

I’m in love with Annie Marie! More in love than at any time since I’ve known her.

This brings up the question, what are the keys to keeping a long term relationship passionate and alive?

We tend to think relationships are complicated, complex and super mysterious. Sometimes they are. In many ways they’re not.

The key to any relationship is consistent curiosity and consistent appreciation.

How do you maintain curiosity and appreciation over a period of years?

Here’s three simple practices I do consistently that make an incredible difference in my relationship, and in any relationship.

You ready?

1) Every single morning the very first thing I do tell Annie how much I love and appreciate her.
I start everyday with her this way.
Grateful for another day together.

2) Every couple days or so I take a couple minutes to look at her in silence with fresh innocent eyes as if seeing her for the first time.
I take in her beauty with appreciation, but perhaps more importantly, with curiosity.
Because the truth is, we are each different and new in every single moment. Not the same as the moment before.

3) Everyday Annie and I make time for what we call “presencing time”.
Presencing Time is time to be fully and completely present with each other.
No phones, no TV, no movies, no Facebook, no Instagram, no distractions.
Sometimes it’s 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s 5 hours. The quality is more important than the quality.

What are your secrets? What are your practices? What are your challenges? Where would you like to grow?
Share in the comments.

May we all keep learning how to love. Starting with our self.

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