The Two Levels of Gratitude

The Two Levels of Gratitude

I injured my lower back last week. I wasn’t able to stand up straight for several days and was in deep physical pain.

Why did it happen?
Stay tuned for the answer.

Gratitude. It’s important.
We all know that right?
However, it’s not just important, It’s a revolutionary, life changing technology when you take it to the second level.

What do I mean by ‘the second level’?

Level One Gratitude

The first level of gratitude is being grateful for the things you like and the things you wanted.
This is fairly easy. Most people can be grateful for the things they liked and wanted.

This kind of gratitude will make you relatively happier yet it will also reinforce the limiting box of reality you’ve already placed yourself in.
Level one gratitude makes you happy and content in the prison cell you live in. However, it doesn’t set you free. It doesn’t expand your horizons.

That comes with the life changing, liberating technology of level two!

Level Two Gratitude

Level two is learning to be grateful for the things you don’t like and didn’t want.
Level two gratitude is much more difficult and challenging. Few human beings have reached level two on a consistent basis..
The ones who have are the great seers, mystics & realizers throughput history. This rare feat of learning to master level two is the technology that will blow the doors off your world and allow in the fresh air.

For those who have learned to cross over to level two gratitude the benefits are enormous.
It’s living in a universe without walls. It opens the wellspring of unconditional love, accesses a new galaxy of infinite creativity, unharnesses your latent superpowers, awakens an unbounded freedom and pure empowerment that cannot be stated in words.

In level two gratitude you must learn to find the opportunity in the things you don’t like. You must learn to be grateful for the pain and the suffering you have experienced.
You must learn to rewrite the story around why the pain and suffering was experienced.

As I laid on my back in my bed, in pain, last week, looking up at the ceiling, I thought to myself
Why did this happen? What is the opportunity?

And in that moment, I realized there was an opportunity to write these words to share with you.
And for that I am eternally grateful.

What are you grateful for?

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