Your Underwear Could Be Killing You. Tonight at 11!

Your Underwear Could Be Killing You! Tonight at 11pm!

What’s up with the media?

The function of the corporate conglomerate media is to generate as many eyeballs as possible to maximize profit for their shareholders. This is called “ratings”.

The higher the ratings, the more multinational corporations pay for commercials to sell you their stuff you don’t actually need. A large percentage of these products are fast food, soft drinks, pharmaceutical drugs and so-called “beauty products”.

A beauty product is when the first half of the commercial attempts to convince you how ugly and insufficient you are. The second half tells you about their new exciting product that provides the easy solution to rid you of your ugliness. It ends by warning if you don’t get this hot new product you won’t fit in like everyone else. That’s a beauty product.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a concoction of strange chemicals rarely intended to cure the root of your illness but rather to suppress the symptoms. At the end of the commercial, in a super fast, quiet voice, they rattle off all the potential secondary side effects. You could piss blood, grow hair on your palms, go blind etc..

In between these commercials are what they call, and I quote: “the top stories”.

But in a world where there is so much happening every day how do they determine what are the “top stories”?

Thats easy. The “top stories” are the ones that produce the highest ratings.

What gets the highest ratings?

Our brains are evolutionarily wired to look for danger. Stories that elicit fear, panic, confusion, conflict, outrage, and controversy are the consistent proven winners.

“If it bleeds and leads” the saying goes.

Wars are fantastic for ratings. Racial conflict is great! Potential terrorist attacks are good. Pitting the so called “left” against the so called “right” has proven to be a big ratings winner. Entire channels are now built on it.

People, being happy, healthy, relaxed, self sourced and self reliant is bad for ratings.

Many of the news stories themselves are often thinly veiled propaganda for products, such as pharmaceutical drugs. You can not have any news stories that run counter to the big pharma industry and speak about the scientifically proven value of any holistic health practices to build a healthy immune system. Unless of course it’s to mock, belittle, and discredit them.

Now what if there was a situation where people were forced by the government, in coordination with the media, to stay in their homes indefinitely, due to a virus.
And what if you had no idea who had the virus because people may not show any symptoms so you enforce policies on them to avoid all social interactions.

What if you forced them to cancel all public events, wear masks, and ordered people to stay 6 feet from each other at all times enforced by drone surveillance?

All weddings, parties, concerts, workshops, classes, closed. All parks and schools, restaurants, yoga studios and gyms etc.
And forced people to stay at home where the only way they could function, survive and have their daily needs met anymore was through the screens where they’ll be fed the “news programs”.

And what if these media outlets provoked such a continual state of mass hysteria and utter panic that the public, stuck at home all day, would seek information for better understanding and safety through these same media outlets who were inducing the panic to begin with?

Well that’s the perfect storm. They would want to keep that going as long as they can.

The media needs a perpetual state of panic, anxiety and conflict to keep the ratings as high as possible.

They don’t want the lockdown to end.
And they don’t want this pandemic to end.

It’s a gold mine for them. A story that they do not want to go away anytime soon. It’s a ratings bonanza.

While the end of the lockdown and the pandemic may be good for you. It’s not good for them.

The end of the lockdown is bad for viewership and ratings.
The end of the pandemic is bad for viewership and ratings.

Well you know what’s really bad for viewership? A population that no longer believes “the news”.

And that’s what’s happening now and it’s been happening for awhile.

People are waking up.

Of course the pandemic must be addressed! And it must be addressed in the most intelligent and compassionate way. We should be having healthy, civil, spirited dialogues with each other about what the best path forward is. Bring forward all the best research, western medical doctors and holistic practitioners, economists, phychologists, sociologists, environmentalists, spiritual leaders, indigenous elders. etc. have an ongoing open discussion and dialogue.

Instead the mainstream media bans, shames, and mocks anyone with a dissenting view from their corporate sponsors.

May I suggest practicing a little more media distancing?.
You may find it actually improves your clarity, understanding, your physical health, and your connection to truth


You want to know what’s going on?
Talk to people in various communities. Ask sincere questions and you will get sincere answers.

Open your eyes, your ears, your mind, your heart to the present. Learn to listen and observe in the moment without the weight of the past, or the burden of the future.

And discover the still place inside where there’s no news at all.
The ever-present I AM

It’s time to become our own media. Be our own journalists! And report to each other what we are observing and hearing.

Keep asking questions. Always be open to expanding our consciousness as more information comes in. Remember, two seemingly opposing views can be true at the same time. Learn how to integrate them.

How about more productive use of social media this way and less pictures of your lunch? Even if it’s tasty. ?

In the words of the ole British sage, Ozzy Ozbourne:

‘One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it
And you live the role’

So what do you do next time you see a fear-mongering propaganda media story aimed at you. Laugh and move on because that’s what they fear the most. That you no longer take them seriously.

Remember, truth, love and freedom always wins in the end. It’s essence of who we are.

-Brian Piergrossi


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