Video Highlights from NYE Retreat & Tales from my Flu

Hello Everyone!

Wow. What a week!

We had a really beautiful and powerful New Year’s Retreat together.
I’m sharing some of the photos here.. There’s more on my Facebook page.
Big thanks to each of the over 20 members of our community who shared the journey into the New Year with us.
Big thank you to Shana and Dan at the Gainesville Retreat Center.
And thank you to all of you who were with us in Spirit from around the world..

And guest what? It was so good we’ll be doing our 2nd annual New Years Retreat next year!
Our next retreat together is Apr 20-22 ‘The Big Glow Retreat: The Four Levels of Love’ on a beautiful retreat property in the lush green mountains of Asheville North Carolina.
I’ll share pics and video of the space in the coming weeks. You can get much more information and register with the earlybird discount special and first dibs on your room preference here: .

After the retreat…

After the retreat I came down with the flu and ended up in the emergency room last Friday 😮 

As I write I am still slowly recovering from one of the most intense illnesses I’ve encountered. The flu that came upon me once our New Year’s Retreat ended on Jan 2 felt like an initiation. or rite of passage..  and one I am still in the midst of.

I was forced to shut everything off and bring awareness within to deep levels of inner consciousness. Deep levels of silence and stillness, plumbing the depths of the mind’s ocean. 
There were deep levels of realizing that everything I think, and see, and feel, and perceive, is a complete and utter illusion, “relative truth” at best.  This is why Eckhart Tolle once said “Every thought is a judgement.”
I could say it even more radically: “Every thought is a lie” Not “a lie” in the sense that it is “bad” but more like a make-believe story.

Or as ‘The Course in Miracles’ Says:
“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” Every single thing you see can be threatened which means it’s obviously not real.

And finally, deep levels of realizing the incredible amount of time in a consumeristic, capitalistic, narcissistic society we waste on things that aren’t important at all for our health, community fabric and well-being. Social media has become the biggest collective energy suck in this regard. It’s the new TV but worse. You don’t fully realize until you step away from it for a few days.

May we always put our energy toward our highest call of creativity and purpose toward the world we envision in each moment.
I did have the great privilege of putting my time and energy into a retreat that brought the human qualities that are so worth cultivating in these times.  Self-Realization, inner peace, community (we are craving real community), empowerment. and most importantly: love.

Here are the video highlights if you haven’t seen them yet.
For the first time in over 10 years of doing Big Glow Retreats we were able to capture some of it’s essence on video at this last retreat.
The only thing I can absolutely guarantee is that it’s never happened like this before and it will never happen like this again.

Thank you to my partner Annie for several of these photos and also for this video.


The Big Glow Community New Year’s Retreat Highlights (12 min)
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