Who are you Really? It’s Time to Conspire …

Hello Wondrous BEings!
Happy Friday!

It’s been an amazing week for me here in Miami and South Florida. I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends and  community I’ve shared time with here…  as I begin to make my way back up to Asheville for the Resonate festival this weekend

To be fully relaxed in mind and body while being fully alert, attentive and present. This is where the magic happens.
To be fully engaged in the linear realm of time and also aware and sourced from the timeless. This is where creative genius is channeled,
To feel yourself in the eyes and heart of another while being grounded in the ONE self. This is where true love and compassion arises.
To embrace the unknown as your constant friend is to live a life filled with inspiration, excitement, adventure, and passion.
To face the challenges that come your way each day is to continually grow and learn more and more what it means to be fully, human sourced in the profound infinite essence of the Divine.

Who are you really?

The most important question before any other question is : Who are you really?

Discover the  infinite essence of who you really are that transcends, words, concepts, and stories, and you discover the unconditional love, boundless freedom, inner peace and true empowerment of Self-realization so many are now awakening to around the world. Join the greatest party happening … And become high on your own BEing …

Why run around chasing little candles when you can realize you are the light of the sun… and all things are possible.

There’s no longer any need to give your energy and focus  to fear-based scarcity consciousness belief systems.

To live with inner peace and creative white-hot fire.. this  is the way of the life artist.

This awakening begins with realizing the absolute essence of who you really are … then what kind of magic are you called create ?

You are so loved!!

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Sept 30, 2016 Miami Florida


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