Would You Like to be More Intelligent?

Would you like to become more intelligent ?

It won’t happen by acquiring more information.

Intelligence and knowledge are not the same thing. In fact, attachment to knowledge and beliefs are very often the biggest obstacles to our higher intelligence.

Have you ever met someone who thinks they know everything? They have had heard it all, seen it all, done it all. Besides being extremely bored with life, these individuals are not actually accessing their higher intelligence.

How about someone who is filled with beliefs? They have so many fixed beliefs that they are not able to be deeply alive to the wonder and magic of this moment.

Most of us in this society are unconsciously attaching ourselves to knowledge and beliefs from the past, which are stifling our innate, higher intelligences to varying degrees from being awake to the intelligence of this moment.

We are collecting knowledge and beliefs like a squirrel collects nuts. We are weighed down. We are heavy and getting heavier every day.

Knowledge and beliefs, which is always based on information from the past can become like prison bars, stifling us from being fully alive to the deep intelligence of the universe present to us in this moment.

This moment is always fresh and alive, bearing new gifts, new insights, new information, new incarnations, new novelties, new directions and instructions.

The more we are present to this moment, the more we tap into these deeper and deeper levels of intelligence vastly superior and more direct than anything in the realm of knowledge or belief.

This intelligence is awake and alive with the flow of the universe in this moment right now. You will never find it in a book, or a word. You will never find it in an idea, a belief or concept.

In fact, attachment to ideas, beliefs and concepts are what prevent us from being fully alive to the flow and dance of this higher intelligence in the universe right now.

Knowledge is based on information from the past, which may, or may not, still be the case, intelligence is based in the present. We can only be present and awake to this intelligence when we are not attached to the knowledge of the past, but listening, open and ready to receive that which is presenting itself to us right now and constantly adjusting, and readjusting our knowledge based on this higher intelligence in the present moment.

When the Tsunami struck Asia, it decimated villages and cities, killing and maiming tens of thousands of human beings. However, not a single animal was injured.

Why? The animals innate intelligence is not clouded with beliefs and knowledge. The animals were present to the intelligence of the earth. They could feel a massive storm was coming before it arrived and they moved to higher ground.

This does not mean that we must revert to being animals again or that we should not have beliefs or knowledge.

Look closer. The idea that we become like animals, or that we should not have beliefs, or knowledge is itself a fixed belief!

What we can do is become a more fully evolved, embodied, conscious human being.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with beliefs or knowledge. Knowledge and beliefs are healthy and helpful when used in their proper place as secondary tools to the higher intelligence that is flowing through the universe right now.

They are tools in our tool kit that have their value when we can see them for what they are and use them properly, knowing their limitations. To fix a car requires knowledge, to heal a soul requires intelligence.

There are infinite levels of intelligence alive in the universe that we as human beings have yet to tap into.

The more we embrace the unknown, the more we open our minds, our hearts, our souls, our physical bodies to the innate, higher intelligence flowing through the universe right now, the more vulnerable and empty we become. We become like an empty channel for the infinite intelligence of this moment to flow through us.

The more we are in harmony with the universe and the intelligence of the now, the more we shall create beauty, the more we shall come to embody the magic and miracle that life is, the more we shall have direct access to the divine intelligence of the universe, without having to rely on beliefs or knowledge from the past.
This is, as J. Krishnamurti once called it ‘The Awakening of Intelligence’.

– Brian Piergrossi

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