I wrote this 4 years ago this week in Rishikesh India…

I wrote this 4 years ago this week in Rishikesh India…

Enlightenment is not a temporary experience now matter how pleasurable. It is to realize yourself as the source which transcends and includes all experience.
It is to realize yourself as the silent, spacious, pure ground of BEing, from which every experience, thought, emotion, every story, and every lifetime, sprouts like wildflowers and returns back into.

In this self-realization lies the infinite, boundless, unconditional peace, freedom, love and empowerment that transcends and includes the totality of all experience and the entire story of the time/space continuum. This realization is non-linear and acausal. It is not dependent on external conditions or experiences.

From this spiritual awakening to ones true essence, the world of form no longer feels so heavy and foreboding but begins to have a lightness, a passing dream-like quality to it.

Like the infinite blue sky remains ever-present and clear regardless of the passing clouds, like the ocean’s floor remains silent and still regardless of the turbulence of the waves at the surface. the essence of who you are as pure BEing, as unconditional awareness, remains the same regardless of any passing experience or phenomena.

– Brian Piergrossi
Rishikeh India, March 27, 2014


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