The Circle with Brian Piergrossi & Friends: New online spiritual community begins Aug. 1st.

The new online spiritual community with Brian Piergrossi 
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We currently live in very uncertain times, in a culture and society filled with increasing anxiety, worry and stress.

Whether it’s politics, economy, family, relationships, physical and mental health, spiritual direction, for so many, the future seems increasingly uncertain, confusing, and in many ways scary.

In these times of uncertainty and volatility, with a whirlwind of varying information swirling around us each day, what is the anchor we can hold onto to keep us grounded, focused, inspired, on purpose, and aligned?

An increasing number of people have left the traditional religions, no longer have faith in the political institutions, don’t trust the multi-national corporations, and don’t believe in the education system.

Everyday I hear people calling for a kind of community that doesn’t exist yet…. until now.

After 18 years of supporting thousands in groups around the world to transform their challenges into opportunities for growth, and to actualize the highest, and best, version of themselves, I’m excited to announce the culmination of my work.

It’s simply called ‘The Circle’

Welcome to an online, (and in person), community where you can ask life’s deepest questions.

A community to support humanity to transcend suffering and access the deepest levels of meaning, purpose, empowerment, and inspiration.

A community that’s aligns true science, with true spirituality, and authentic religion.

The circle is a new kind of spiritual community where amazing people you’ll want to connect with from around the world will be meeting online weekly.

The Circle is a sanctuary to relax into the presence of your own authenticity with others on a resonant path of discovering who you really are, and learning to fully express it in the world.

It’s a place to ask the simple questions and also the hard, uncomfortable questions. The ones perhaps you never dared to ask.

It’s a doorway to open to deeper levels of love, freedom, peace, and empowerment in yourself, and in the world.

It’s a place to step into becoming a greater vessel for God’s love to flow through you, in a way that’s more alive, and deeply rooted in the truth, than ever before.

It’s a place to make positive, practical, tangible changes in your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. In your relationships, work, finances, and daily lifestyle.

It’s a sanctuary to awaken and optimize your genius.

For thousands of years humans beings have sat around a fire at night, underneath the stars, and asked the deepest, most pressing, questions.

Once the great lessons of truth of this human existence are learned, they are passed on to others.

The Circle is a place to discover the truth that will set you free and share that discovery with others.


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Reserve Your Seat Here


General Meeting Flow:

Brief opening prayer and meditation

The Lesson of the week

Q /A

Community Connection

Community announcements

Closing prayer

(Agenda is subject to change, and to evolve)

All meetings will also be recorded and shared online.


Just like a sacred church, or temple service, there is no ticketed fee for these meetings. These meetings are to be available to as many people as possible who are ready and interested.

However, like a church, we do request donations, as a reciprocity of energy, for each meeting attended.

You’re invited to donate whatever amount feels resonate for you.

Most people donate between $10 – $30 per session.

We are limiting the circle to 25 seats each week, so please register here ASAP to reserve your spot.

Donate as an automated monthly member on patreon page and you’ll be invited to a special smaller circle the last Sunday of every month, for our Patreon members only.

This really helps us out and I’m confident it will be life changing for you as well

You can also support the burgeoning of this new community by donating here.

Venmo: @thebigglow

PayPal: @brianthebigglow

Cashapp: @brianpiergrossi

Let us know if you have any questions.

Zoom link sent once you reserve your seat.

“If the only prayer you ever say your entire life is ‘thank you’, that should suffice.” -Meister Eckhart

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