I’m at Home in the Silence

I am at home. It’s incredibly quiet where I sit right now. Immensely, unspeakably quiet. So quiet that some kind of an ancient memory suddenly re-surfaces in the cells of my body.
It’s a re-membering that it used to be this quiet the majority of the time for human beings. It’s a remembering that, unlike the modern, urban dystopia, this is the silence we were intelligently designed to live, and thrive in.
There’s a remembering that in this silence we discover what it means to truly be healthy and whole.
It’s in this silence, throughout the ages, that people have discovered the courage to access their inner genius. They have received inner guidance, direction, and powerful spiritual awakenings.
It’s here that they have been liberated from limitations of the mind to discover the miraculous, unshakeable truth of who they really are, and why they are here.
I’ve had many great teachers over the years. Many of those teachers have come in unlikely forms.
Yet it feels like the final teacher has no form. The final teacher is this silence.
So this is what I am currently spending more of my time immersed in these days while living on our six acre property.
This silence, more and more, is where I meditate. Where I speak from, think from, write from, do my personal, couples, and group sessions from. This is where I discover that the deepest brilliance shines forth.
My beautiful wife Annie is about nine months pregnant now and, God-willing, a baby boy is soon on the way in a few weeks.
People say the new born baby will end my relationship with this silence. I don’t believe this is the case, however. Because I feel this silence I am writing about is mostly an inner silence. This silence is timeless and eternal. It’s the infinite face of God that transcends all that comes and goes.
I’ve been to all the great late-night parties and also to the sacred sites. I’ve listened to the fancy words from all the great orators, and heard many great stories. I’ve hung out with both the sinners and the saints (I learned more from the sinners than I did from the saints).
I’ve had so many great adventures and fantastic experiences. Now it’s time to BE with this immense silence.
Amidst this silence, I still hear occasional sounds on the property. I’ll hear a lamb, or a goat. A dog barking, or a cow mooing. I’ll hear birds singing, and frogs in musical chorus. I’ll hear owls and coyotes, turkeys, and deer. I hear the bonfire crackling at night and the babbling creek that runs through our property. I’ll even hear a thousand stars shining down upon me in the evening, smiling with approval.
Yet, this immense silence remains as the background. My constant companion I fall more deeply in love with with each breath. The peace amidst the passing weather.
There’s lot of other things happening too. We led a fantastic breathwork journey in Asheville this past weekend called “Re-Birth”.
I’m leading more personal, couples, and group coaching sessions with people online than I ever have in my entire life.
I’m leading personal breathwork and somatic healing sessions in person, and online.
I’m continuing to lead my men’s mastermind group.
I’m finding space to write and make videos throughout the week.
And there’s an inspiring new project! Stay tuned in the next few weeks to learn more about the online spiritual community I’m creating called “The Circle” and how you can participate. I’m incredibly excited about it.
And the most important work of all is that Annie’s busy making a beautiful baby!
Thanks for sharing the journey. Wishing you a most beautiful now.
Brian Piergrossi

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