Innocence Consciousness: Looking into the Eyes of Heaven

Why did Jesus say one must become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven?

To look into the eyes of a child is an astonishing thing.

When they are quiet and still for a moment, It really does feel like you’re looking into the eyes of Heaven.

There’s a deep, yet infinitely vast presence, in those eyes, that has no sense of future, or past.

A baby has no conceptual ideas of things like race, Left , or Right, Republican, or Democrat, rich or poor, or any other categories of separation and division.

They have no self-consciousness. They have not yet conceptualized themselves as a separate entity. They are, therefore, in a place of full union with this moment, and thus with the entire universe.

They have an incredible ability to allow the energy of the moment to surge through them without any reservation or resistance.

Happiness, sadness, pain, pleasure, serious, or silly. They are fully available to the wide spectrum of human experience and emotion, from moment to moment, without being identified with, or attached to it.

These experiences, and all experiences, appear and disappear in their consciousness like temporary clouds in a clear blue sky.

They can not move, feed themself, or take care of themself. They must have full faith, and full trust in their parents to care for their every need in order to live and to grow. This requires incredible vulnerability, and authenticity, to the moment.

In the same way Jesus teaches us that our Creator will take care of our every need like the lilies of the field, if we don’t put ourselves in a fearful, anxious state, but trust in the beauty of the Divine Love that surrounds us at all times.

This all sounds like a wonderful way to live right?

So does this mean that we should lay around all day, wear diapers, scream nonverbally when we need something, and poop in our pants?

Definitely not.

What it means is that it’s possible to enter this field of consciousness as a mature, thinking, rational, logical, emotionally intelligent, adult.

When talking to my students and clients, I often refer to this state of inner spaciousness as “innocence consciousness”.

One of my initial questions to people I work with is: If anything is possible, what do you want to create?

The most important part of that question is, “if anything is possible.”

The reason this question is often so hard for people, is you can only answer it by first experientially entering this field of unlimited possibly like a new born baby: “innocence consciousness”.

This is why I put so much emphasis on people engaging in spiritual practices that empty your mind, and your heart, of all of the residue and debris that’s accumulated over the years.

To touch the stillpoint of innocence consciousness, to enter the kingdom of heaven within, and recognize your union with God, is the essential foundation of everything else.

It is to live as if nothing’s ever happened. To be born again.

To learn to live confidently from this field of infinite possibility, without becoming capsized by worry, or doubt, is fundamental to allowing one’s relationships, business and finances, body and heart, to transform and thrive in the most miraculous ways.

– Brian Piergrossi

(Pic is of my son Joah)

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