I’ve Been Having a Problem

I’ve been having a problem.

I’m realizing even more deeply that words, and thus thoughts, are mostly a distraction from the  essence of who we really are which can not be put into words.

You can’t put the infinite sky into a can. It can’t be done.

We’re so vast, and timeless. So free. So grounded in love, to ever be codified in words, or thoughts.

This includes all the fancy spiritual words. In a way, those words are even more distracting.

It can’t be spoken, however, it can be realized, in a presence that transcends words.

I feel the truth when I silently look deeply at a flower, listen to the birds sing at sunrise, stare up at the stars at night.

This truth is so liberating & healing.

The question is how do I transmit that truth to another?

Can it even be done through social media?

Or does it happen by getting people off the screen, into face to face connection, and into the beauty of the natural world? After all, we ARE nature, our bones & blood, created with the same minerals, as the rocks, oceans, & trees.

Does it even need to be transmitted at all, or is the truth always freely available to whoever is ready to receive it?

The wise ones says this is true. They say it without words.

-Brian Piergrossi

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