The Greatest Freedom

Positive affirmations, may be valuable for some, however, they are not the deepest level of spiritual awakening. In fact, they are often a contracted form of egoic resistance to our greatest liberation. An impediment to our deepest dance with the mysterious Source of life.

The highest practice is not  positive affirmations. It’s being emotionally authentic.

Then doing our best to listen to these authentic emotions as deep codes of guidance & direction.

This is our intention.

To become so unconditionally, & infinity, free in pure awareness .. that we’re welcoming  (or allowing) ourselves to authentically feel whatever the particular stimulus brings up in us for however long it’s felt (which in the Absolute truth is no time at all).

In other words, my freedom isn’t based on the emotional, or mental content at all anymore.  This is the key.

My freedom just unconditionally IS.

It’s in this consciousness that I can be selfless, in pure service to the moment, and thus to All beings.

I’ve been reconnecting to the old sage known as Jesus Christ in a new, and much more direct way the last year or so. (Not the church version)

This to me is how I feel  Christ Consciousness & the message of Jesus.

It may appear at times, externally, like you’re suffering for others.

Bearing your cross. Your crucifixion.

But, the reality is, inside you’re  unconditionally free, overwhelmed with love, fully connected to source (God), vital & alive.. even if the body dies.

In the universal heart of compassion, you feel pain, sadness, anger, perhaps more deeply than ever..

But nothing sticks! Because because there’s no egoic resistance. There’s no more suffering.

There’s ‘salvation’. And your life is a gift to others.

-Brian Piergrossi


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